How To Teach Kids To Help Others

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Quick Guide To Teach Kids The Importance Of Helping Others is a sponsored post partnership with Save The Children.

quick guide to teaching children the importance of helping others

Helping others is something that we as parents all try to instill in our children.

There are different ways to teach philanthropy to different kids and at different levels based on their age… but that doesn’t have to stop you from making it a focus from birth. What the world needs is families banding together to help others, and some of our favorite time spent with one another is when we are doing good things that benefit others like donating time, food and money at our local food bank or doing good deeds for others directly.

teaching kids charity

Here is our “Quick Guide To Teach Kids The Importance Of Helping Others”

1. Show them the world. In person or via videos or books… the way doesn’t matter as long as they see how other people live their lives. Children respond best when they are part of the story so immersing them in a new place and culture sets the basis for understanding why they need to help others. Abstract images about other children suffering and how they could help isn’t enough to instill a love of helping others. When they really get a feel for how their assistance can help is when the light bulb turns on! Get out there and show them the world or pick an area a month to study.

children helping children

2. Don’t forget your own community. There are those that need help right here too. It’s easy to point out opportunities and take action in your everyday life so that philanthropy is just part of their mindset.

teens helping teens

3. Have an open and honest communication. Don’t sugar coat issues but also remember to keep things age appropriate. When they ask questions or ask for ways that they can help solve a problem it’s okay to tell them that you don’t have the answer… and then use that opportunity to brainstorm some ideas together!

tweens helping tweens

4. Help others together as a family. A great way to teach children about helping others is to do it together as a family. I love the idea of sponsoring a child thorough Save the Children because it shows our own children how far our family donation can go towards making a difference in the sponsored child’s life.

In addition to monetary support,  when you sponsor a child you can send them messages of hope and birthday greetings so that they know someone (or a whole family) cares! It’s amazing how much of a difference $1 a day can make to a child in need in the United States. And it’s equally amazing to see how much our own children benefit when they help others.

Teaching your children to feel good about helping others instills a lifetime of philanthropy.

How do you teach your children to help others?

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