Pete and I are going on a surprise tropical vacation!

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Almost 100% of the travel that we do is as a family and we love it that way, but the truth is, Pete and I have never taken a vacation together. Never. That is 17+ years of talking about taking a honeymoon, about dreaming of a tropical getaway together, and of us changing our minds because we know how short the time we have the kids with the kids is before they are off creating their own life as adults. You can see how I flip flop here right? I mean it sounds amazing to spend a couple days together as adults, but the guilt always felt like it would be too much if the girls weren’t with us to experience it all. 

But then something changed in my mind. I looked through our pictures and I saw that not only did we have very few pictures together, but when we did they were most definitely not taken in tropical locations. We are finally going to change that.


See this picture below? Emmy took it two years ago when we were in Turks & Caicos on a family vacation. This picture is going to be recreated on another tropical island in a week, just Pete and I! 

The big question is… where are we going?

We have no idea! This kind of adds to the excitement too. I do know that it will be just Pete and I and we will be transported to this mystery location on board one of our favorite airlines, Southwest! I have a couple dream vacations in mind for us. They are Aruba (remember my goal of visiting all the places in the song Kokomo?), Nassau Bahamas, or Punta Cana! I mean anywhere we can finally take that vacation together would thrill me.

The anticipation is getting the better of me, and I can’t wait to see where we are going and share it when we find out live on our Facebook page on December 2nd at 9am PST.


Beautiful beaches… we are coming for you! We aren’t the only ones taking an awesome getaway! There are 11 others going to other super secret surprise destinations. You can follow their journeys here!


We will also be sharing live during our vacation using the hashtag #SouthwestPassport, so be sure to follow along!

Pete and I are so excited to see where we are going! Have you been to any of the possible locations? 

Heather Reese
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