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Pechanga Resort Staycation – Temecula, CA

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We just took a trip to the Pechanga Resort and Casino and it was awesome. Pechanga hosted our stay so we could feature the resort on the site. It was a quick 1 night staycation since it is in Southern California and about 1 hour away from home. We stayed in a 1 bedroom suite (which was awesome), and filmed a full room tour as part of this vlog. 

As for eating, we had dinner at the buffet which I am still full from!  I guess I need to work harder at cutting myself off at the buffet!

In the morning we went to the Journey Restaurant that overlooks the golf course.  It was such a great atmosphere for a relaxing breakfast, and the food was amazing.

It was the perfect midweek break for us to get away from home without wasting too much time on travel.

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  • Staycations are the best! Still close to home in case there is an emergency and you are not near as tired to GET home lol. Looks like such a wonderful time!

  • Taking a weekend getaway is so much fun. It’s so important to get away from the daily routine and take a break. This place looks amazing- the perfect place to unwind and have fun.

  • Staycations are my favorite! It’s nice to escape .. but not have all of the hassles that come with longer trips. A break from daily life is just what the dr ordered!

  • It is sounds so much interesting! Summer is very near. We havre to plan where we go with the family. This resort is totally awesome and fun.

  • Staycations are more convenient, which means… it allows us to escape the everyday hectic life more often and that’s important to gaining sanity back… I would love to visit there some day… I’ll be sure to pace myself at the buffet : )
    glad you had an awesome time!

  • I would love to check out Pechanga Resort and Casino. It would be such a fun getaway. Staycations are a great way to save some money.

  • Staycation is a breather. No long trips, no packing/unpacking a lot. Just chillin and relaxin. Oh sweet life.

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