Easy Dessert Recipes

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I get a bit blue when Christmas is over. It takes me a few minutes to realize that there is no reason to be sad… New Year's Eve is right around the corner and it brings lots of fun with it! I'm also a bit tired by the time New Year's Eve rolls around so I am always looking for easy dessert recipes to make for my family to enjoy!

We do things a bit different on New Year's Eve… we put out a huge spread of appetizers… savory, sweet and special drinks! This year we are making Peanut Butter and Chocolate Cheesecake Bites and Sparkling Grape Creamsicle Mocktails!

peanutbutterchocolatecheesecake #shop

These were so easy to make and turned out perfect! The hardest part was having to let them chill for an hour. Self control is not my strong point when there is chocolate involved!

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My daughter and I headed out to Walmart early one morning a couple days after Christmas to pick up the supplies we needed, and for my daughter to spend some of her Christmas money.


Because we went in early before everyone else was awake and shopping, we got what we needed quickly and headed home to start baking. You can read about our shopping adventure on the Google+ album I made. {PS. If you are a deal lover, we also were able to stock up on Christmas wrapping paper at a huge discount!}.

Ready to make these? I pretty much followed the directions on the mix, but with a few small changes.. here we go!

Peanut Butter and Chocolate Cheesecake Bites- Because the holidays are so draining physically and mentally I used a short cut to make these. Jello makes a real cheesecake “no bake kit” that is easy and tastes great… it made these super quick and easy to make!

peanutbuttercheesecake #shop

1. Add margarine or butter to a bowl.
2. Melt Butter.

3. Add sugar and mix.
4. Add graham cracker crust mix. {from the kit}
5. Set aside.

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6. Add milk and cheesecake filling to your mixer.
7. Beat for 3 minutes, it will be VERY thick and yummy!

melted chocolate #shop

8. Melt 4 squares of Baker's Semi-Sweet Chocolate in a bowl with a splash of milk. I used the microwave and did 30 seconds and stirred. Then another 30 seconds. Set aside.

easyappetizercheesecake #shops

9. This is where it gets fun! Line 2 trays of mini cupcakes. Spray with non stick spray.
10. Add a scoop of the crust mixture to each of the liners and press into the bottom.
11. Now add a little scoop of Planters Peanut Butter and the Baker's Chocolate on top of the crust.

peanutbutter chocolate cake #shop

12. All that is left to do it add the cream cheese filling and let it chill for an hour!
13. I also added a dollop of Cool Whip and some chopped Baker's Chocolate!

mini cheesecake appetizers #shop

After I made the cheesecakes, I had lots of extra Cool Whip and a bottle of Welch's Sparkling Red Grape Juice and I thought of this instantly! 

Just drop a tablespoon of Cool Whip into the bottom of a glass and pour the juice on top of it! It is beautiful and tastes creamy and sparkling! Watch a video of how I made it here. You can even hear my little one asking when she got to drink it!


sparkling grape creamsicle mocktail #shop

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Happy New Years!

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