Parent’s vs. Kid’s Summer Bucket List

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You all know I love a good list. I make to-do lists, holiday lists (so I don’t forget anything specifically for those big days) and of course, a summer bucket list.

This year we have Alaska (checked off), St. Croix (checked off), rafting, horseback riding, stargazing, glamping, a cruise (checked off) and Europe on our lists. The kids all helped us pick these places and then I have spent hours, weeks, months and what feels like years planning all these trips and activities.

Pete and I REALLY thought we nailed it on our family summer bucket list. We thought we did such a great job that we were practically GLOATING to anyone that would listen. We thought the kids were BEYOND thrilled.

Then we took them one by one and asked them what would be at the top of their summer bucket list if they were creating it on their own.

You guys, my eyeballs nearly popped out as they were talking. I guess I shouldn’t be surprised by what they said. They are all thrilled with what we have on our summer bucket list and can’t wait to do it all… but they also said that if they wrote out the list on their own, they would add the following to the top of it:

Maddie said that her list would have… you guessed it… SHOPPING at the top.

She kindly added that we didn’t even have to make any extra trips to make her contribution happen. She said she would be tickled pink to just tack it on to our other planned trips. I mean, shopping in London doesn’t sound so bad, does it? Or maybe block out some extra time in NYC for a new wardrobe? Ha! Teens!

This should come as absolutely NO surprise… but Ashley said she would be thrilled to add more fitness to our bucket list.

She actually said that maybe we should skip a couple smaller trips so that she can go to the gym more. I tell you, people, you offer your kids the world, and they are just as happy staying home. It kinda reminds me of when I used to buy her a cool gift that came in a big box and she wanted to play with the box more than the gift. I’m trying not to take this personally.

Emmy’s idea for the summer bucket list cracked me up.

She wanted to know if we could just do a challenge where we go to a place with trampolines every single day this summer. Now, I love a good trampoline park… but every day? No. Thank. You

No matter what we end up doing this summer, if it is from the parent’s summer bucket list or the kiddos… one thing remains the same… we all need snacks to fuel these adventures. Just like how planning our summer bucket list can be hard when it comes to getting everyone to agree, the same can be said for the snacks we enjoy.

That’s okay. I’ve been doing this mom thing for long enough to always think ahead for snack time and I already know I have the snack of the year in my back pocket. Okay, not really in my back pocket, because that would be, well…not great, especially since I only wear dresses… but you get the picture.  

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Boom! Both products have absolutely no corn syrup and 5g of protein, 2g of fiber, good fats and most importantly, peanuts are #1 ingredient. WE LOVE PEANUTS so this is totally going to be a crowd pleaser, or at least in our case, a family pleaser! Jif® Power Ups™ snacks can definitely help fuel whatever is on your (or your kid’s) summer bucket list!

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  • We did a bucket list last year but this year we didn’t for some reason. I think we need to do it again next year because it was a ton of fun having everyone pick out their favorite things!

  • I tried to make a bucket list for this summer but we’ve only done about 1/3 of it, mostly because of weather! Though we ended up doing a lot of fun stuff that wasn’t on the list, so it evens out I guess 🙂

  • All of these summer priorities are worthwhile! Shopping is generally an interest my daughter and I both share when we’re on vacation.

  • This is so great. Healthy snacking that fuels your adventures are so important. These sound really good too!

  • Oh, my gosh! You guys take adventure to a whole new level! I love how you all spend the quality time together exploring every nook and cranny you can.

  • I love Jif Power Up bars too! They are so yummy and the perfect back to school snack option!

  • I’m all about Emmy’s summer bucket list! HAHA! Trampolines sound like a blast!

  • I love having a bucket list. It is so satisfying to check off each item as you go. Your lists were so different but each one sounded fun to me. I think I’ll add a fun shopping trip to my own list!

  • My son would say that he just wants to go to Disney on his bucket list and I’m down for the beach. Everything sounded fun on your lists!

  • We had a pretty low key summer here. It started off so hot and humid and then August has pretty much been all rain. I am already thinking about a bucket list for next summer though!

  • This year I got lucky and the summer bucket list items were pretty similar. We all wanted to spend a lot of time camping. Works for me!

  • I love your summer bucket list. One thing I have always wanted to do it go to Europe. I think that would top my list.

  • Your kids are really so cute giving their bucket list ideas. I do love Emmy’s idea I think it’s less expensive but definitely a lot of fun.

  • I agree about the snack. lol! their interests are amazing, I would love more shopping time too if I have a choice.

  • Bucket lists are a great way to spend family time. We always try to do sonething from everyone’s list.

  • I didn’t actually ask my kids for a bucket list this summer. I regret it but work was so busy we were really just working on surviving.

  • This is my second year fail on the bucket list! I have many plans and ideas and for some reason, I only get to meet a quarter of it.

  • haha I don’t know if I could do a trampoline park every day either. I think I’m still recovering from the trampoline park I took my son and his friends to last month!

  • Some years we do a summer bucket list and some years we skip it, but ours have never been as awesome as yours!!

  • I love this! With a family of five we try to mix it up and do things everyone enjoys at different times. It definitely is a variety!

  • My daughter would enjoy add more fitness to our schedule, too. It’d be a wonderful way to spend more time together.

  • Your summer looked like so much fun! I’ve been wanting to try the Power Ups. They look so delish!

  • My summer bucket list is to go swimming at the beach! But I can’t because my son is still a baby.

  • I can’t believe our Summer is over already. We actually didn’t do much as we have three trips set for the Fall/Winter lol

  • We created a bucket list last year and was able to cross them all off this year. I think asking our kids about their bucket list is a fun idea. I will have to ask my son about his bucket list as well.

  • That would be fun to listen to our kid’s wishes. Sometimes they shock me with their ideas!

  • So funny how their list can be different than ours! My kids would def say shopping as well!

  • I think you should ask your kids every year before you plan & do 1 thing on each list. You have a lovely family life. Jif sounds like a good snack I would like.

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