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Pacific Grove Ca. Family Vacation

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Last week we traveled to Pacific Grove after I attended Dad 2.0 in San Francisco. Pacific Grove is my happy place and one of the most beautiful cities in California. While we were there we tested our the LG GIZMOPAL™ that I was given to review from LG.

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Do you have that one special place where you feel free and alive like nowhere else?

For me it’s in Pacific Grove. PG is along the coast in Central California, about two hours south of San Francisco. It’s a beach town sprinkled with beautiful Victorian Houses and my favorite Craftsman Houses too. Some of it’s more “known” neighbors are Carmel-by-the-sea and Pebble Beach. It makes the perfect vacation spot and it only takes us about seven hours to get there by car, eight if you count the one stop we make for gas and pie at random family restaurants (you must always stop for pie on road trips, it’s a rule). 

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We spend our days exploring ocean front trails.

pacific grove vacation

And enjoying the local wildlife like seagulls, dolphins, sea otters and other marine animals. The Monterey Aquarium is minutes away too!

monterey with kids

pacific grove ca

review GizmoPal by LG

Because we are on the go the whole time and still learning our way around this beautiful area we have to take extra care to make sure that everyone has a good time… this time we brought a new tool to help us enjoy our trip… the LG GIZMOPAL™. 


The LG GIZMOPAL™ is the perfect solution for kiddos in the age group where they are too young to have a cell phone, even a basic one… but they still need a way to communicate with their mom and dad. It’s very easy to use and and since they wear it on their wrist they won’t be forgetting it or losing it. 

GizmoPal by LG

It took The Little One less than two minutes to figure our how to use it and Pete set it up just as quickly. Here are some notes about it:

  • My favorite feature is the GPS locator. Using and app on the parents phone, you can quickly pinpoint where the GIZMOPAL (and your child) are. Total peace of mind.
  • We had The Little One wear it to school to see if it was distracting and if she could totally use it on her own. At five she is pretty good with tech products and can use all of our smart phones, tablets and computers but impulse control isn’t her strong point yet. She did wonderfully with the GIZMOPAL. It beeped once during class when she accidentally tapped it. She then asked her teacher “can I please step out of the class and make a phone call”? We both got a good laugh over that one. At least she listens to how Pete and I handle phone calls. Had she not tapped it that one time nobody would have even known she had it on… it totally passes the test!
  • You can program more than one number into it. We had two numbers in hers. Mine and Pete’s. To call me she pushed the button once and to call Pete she pushes it twice.
  • The first day she had it she called us 1 million times. Slight exaggeration but she did call quite often. The novelty of it wore off once she realized it wasn’t going anywhere and she could call us whenever she wanted. Expect a bunch of calls the first day.

GizmoPal by LG verizon

There are so many ways that this is great for travel and everyday life. 

  • Perfect for play dates. I love knowing I can call and check in at anytime.
  • Field Trips.
  • Theme park trips.
  • Playing outside with friends.
  • During after school care.
  • So much more…

GizmoPal LG on verizon

The LG GIZMOPAL comes in both blue and pink and is currently on the Verizon network.

What do you love most about the LG GIZMOPAL?

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Heather Delaney Reese is the storyteller and photographer behind the lifestyle and family travel blog, It's a Lovely Life®! For the past decade, she has vacationed over 150 days a year with her family. She is a vegan, and loves being by the water, spending time with her children, husband, 2 Shih Tzus and Cat.


  • This sounds like something every parent should get and put on the wrist of all their young children. It not only gives the parents peace of mind it also will make your little ones feel a bit more secure as well knowing Mom and/or Dad are only a tap away!

  • Hi Heather! I just tweeted your photo and thought, how pretty…looks familiar! That’s because Pacific Grove is where I live! Great photos and super handy GIZMOPAL!

  • My husband and I are headed to CA in a couple weeks for a trip he won from The Sims. I can’t wait! I love CA. And, this product looks so neat! My 4 yr old loves to wander off, and this would probably make me feel a bit safer.

  • That sounds like something I need. My daughter for some reason can not remember my cell phone number. She has been taught that if we get separated to find law enforcement and give them her daddy’s agency and badge number so that they can get us. My son has everything memorized right down to our zip code so I am not as worried about him.

  • Very beautiful photos. Makes me want to go visit there soon. The water is so gorgeous! I’ll have to put this on my list of places to visit.

  • That is lovely. My go to place is anywhere that’s not in Phoenix. Okay, specifically it’s up north in Az. Prescott forest, Sedona, Oak creek canyon…all places are gorgeous

  • What beautiful pictures! And that is the neatest “Gizmo” ever! I need to get this before I take my kids to Disney (in case we get separated)!

  • The California coast is so diverse and beautiful. My favorite spot is Caramel & nearby Monterrey Bay. I love it there.

  • This looks like a beautiful place to explore. The photos are amazing. I love how pretty the water is.

  • Florida used to be that happy/free place for me. We were there 18 years, and I was happy but hubby hated it, so now we’re in Michigan. I’m adjusting. 😉

  • Wow. That scenery is amazing. I have a few places that make me feel alive. All of them are based around water. So far the best, freeing one is Niagara Falls, Ontario. Despite it being a tourist spot due to being a natural wonder of the world; it was so much more than that for me. It freed me. It made me stop and breath. It allowed me to just be me and finally live in the moment. I wish that was a feeling I could have every day.

  • great pics!!! looks like everyone had a great time. It’s so cold where I am, I would love some warm weather and sunshine.

  • Sounds like a really awesome gadget and something I would be interested in getting. Love your pics too!

  • How gorgeous! You took some breathtaking shots. I have never heard of the LG GIZMOPAL until now, but it sounds like an useful gadget. 🙂

  • The setting and surroundings here looks very relaxing and beautiful. I love being close to the water and enjoying the fresh air. The photos with all of that gorgeous blue are breathtaking.

  • The view is definitely gorgeous and breathtaking. If only we live close, we’re certainly going to check it out. I hope we get to visit the place someday though.

  • What a stunning vista! I love the setting and your gorgeous photos did justice to the location. Love your review.

  • What a great device! I need to get them for Tiffany’s children! Little one is too precious for words. And, I love your comment “you must always stop for pie…it’s a rule!” Gorgeous place…I’m putting it on my bucket list.

  • Gorgeous setting! Would love to explore! That’s a pretty cool device, hadn’t seen it before. Will have to check into for my grand daughter.

  • I love San Francisco, but I did not know about Pacific Grove! Your photographs are fantastic and the area is absolutely beautiful. Thank you for sharing.

  • I can see why you like the place. It’s just beautiful and breath-taking. I would love to go there. I’ve been to CA a few times, but not in that area.

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