Our Teen Invisalign Update

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I am also a member of the Invisalign Teen Mom Advisory Board. My daughter has received complimentary treatment, (as have I) from the makers of Invisalign clear aligners, but all opinions expressed are my own.


Ashley is moving towards the end of her Invisalign treatment, and we are seeing huge results!

Her smile is opening up and her self-confidence is shining through. Pete and I are constantly saying to each other how awesome her smile looks, and she isn’t even done with treatment yet. 


I wanted to share an update about the process and some tips if you are considering Invisalign for your teen too!

The first thing that we are asked about Invisalign for our teen is “how we make sure she wears her clear aligners”?  For us this is not an issue at all. After the first few days, it just becomes a routine, much like remembering to put on your shoes when you leave the house. Ash has never forgotten to put her aligners back in, not even once. She is pretty regimented about her eating habits too, focusing on healthy whole foods, so she takes them out as soon as she starts making her meal, and then brushes her teeth and puts them right back in. When we travel and there is an airplane involved, she is careful to always bring a bottle of water with her to brush her teeth with since you shouldn’t use airplane water.

Another question we get asked is about discomfort. Since Maddie has traditional braces and Ash has Invisalign, I’ve been able to compare the two and the discomfort level is equal. I will say that neither of them have had any remarkable discomfort, but a tip I learned quickly is to change your aligners right before bed so that if there is any discomfort to be felt it will be better by the time you wake up. This is something that can’t be done with traditional braces and we appreciate this benefit.

Lastly we get questions about the time commitment of Invisalign. This is one of the best features for us. It has been a challenge to get Maddie into the Orthodontist as often as she should be with traditional braces. With Ashley’s Invisalign, we only see the Orthodontist every 6 weeks, which works very well with our travel schedule. We just take the new aligners with us, and change them on the go! This means there is no slow down in her treatment schedule.

This time of year, another thing that we are loving about Invisalign is that there are no off limit foods. With all the special treats available during the holidays, we don’t have to say no to any of them. Ash can eat whatever she wants and doesn’t have to worry about her Invisalign because she can take them out and put them back in after she eats the special food. With traditional braces, you have to avoid certain foods, and that is not the case at all with Invisalign!

If you or your teen are ready for a straighter smile, visit the Invisalign Smile Assessment to learn more and the Invisalign Dr Locator to see Doctors in your area. 


What food are you most excited to eat this holiday season?

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  • I have heard quite a few good things about Invisalign. I know several people who had it instead of traditional braces.

  • I am excited to make some melt in your mouth shortbread cookies this holiday season. I would love to try Invisalign. My teeth have shifted over the years. It would be amazing to get them back to where they were after my braces.

  • I think if my kiddo needs braces I am going to look at invisalign! I looks like she does well with them. Oh and what I am most excited to eat this holiday season is ANYTHING dessert! LOL

  • I agree that a beautiful smile offers a new level of confidence. Two of my children are currently in traditional braces and they would love to not have any food restrictions.

  • Those sound amazing. I had braces and they were extremely uncomfortable and painful. These sound great. I wish that they were around when I was younger

  • It’s awesome that you’re already seeing some smile improvements! The fact that there are no off-limit foods is a really nice benefit compared to standard brackets.

  • It’s great that there are no food limitations with Invisalign. I couldn’t imagine not being able to eat some of my favorite foods.

  • I love Invisalign. It’s such a great idea, and without the metal braces, there’s much less ammunition for kids to pick on other kids.

  • Our teenage daughter has Invisalign right now. She had braces for a few years but was unhappy with how her teeth settled. They really are easier to deal with than braces.

  • I am currently doing Invisalign! Loved reading this… I am 39 and had traditional braces in 5th grade, so I’ve experienced both. I’m currently on Tray 3 out of 18 of my revision trays. Had 15 trays before that, too! It definitely does become a routine. I’ve done a couple of posts on my blog with progressions photos, it is just amazing… I am not even done yet, but love my smile already!


  • I think this is great. I kind of wish invisalign was out when i was a kid because I really didnt like braces but these teens are really lucky for this option!

  • I wish Invisalign had been an option for my four kids all who wore regular braces for YEARS. From the photos I can see the results are quite noticeable… your daughter’s smile is definitely only going to get bigger once treatment is complete.

  • its a great information! thank you for sharing this, this helps me a lot 🙂 thank you man 🙂

  • It was good 🙂 This may affect all the readers of it 🙂 Thank you for posting this 🙂

  • It was a good for everyone 🙂 Makes everyone to be comfortable 🙂 THank you for this 🙂

  • Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday. I can’t wait for the Turkey and all the fixings. I’m also looking forward to peppermint hot chocolate and gingerbread chai lattes.

  • I love that this option is out there to make people feel more confident with their dental work. If my daughter needs this I will look into this brand for sure.

  • I’m actually really considering getting Invisalign for myself! The last thing I want to is walk around with a mouth full of metal at age 43!

  • It is beautiful for my daughter, so now, i will star finding this 🙂 Thank you for the information .

  • I wish Invisalign was around when I was a kid…I was stuck with braces for five years and it was awful. Glad to see that your daughter is having a much better dental experience than me!

  • I am always impressed with the outcome of Invisalign! It is amazing how far we’ve come form braces! It is a great solution for straighter teeth!

  • I’m curious if these will be an option for my daughter. The dentist has already mentioned a palette expander. I need to do more research because I’d love to go this route.

  • I have often wondered how good these would work. Looks like they are working great and easy to use.

  • The Invisalign option sounds so much easier to use. I thankfully never had to have braces. I have a crocked front tooth on bottom but the orthodontist said it wasn’t worth treating. Sometimes, I wish that I did but oh well.

  • Invisalign really sounds great. As for the holidays, I am looking forward to all of the side dishes like candied yams and collard greens. YUM!

  • I am considering invisalign for both my daughter and me. It’s good to hear about another’s experience before making a decision.

  • I hated having traditional braces when I was a teenager. They made me so self conscious. I like that Invisalign is able to help correct your teeth without being so noticeable.

  • I have a friend that recently finished with invisalign and she loved it. Great results and she didn’t have to be a 40 year old professional with braces!

  • I have heard lots of good things about this. My friend has been thinking about it with her hectic schedule and it looks perfect.

  • Mmm what foods am I looking forward to eating this holiday season? Toffee! I can’t make it to save my life but I sure can eat it! It would be definitely be off limits for traditional braces -thank god for Invisalign!

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