Our Secret Weapon To A Quick Holiday Ready Home

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Dyson was kind enough to send us a Dyson Cinetic Big Ball in order to keep our house clean and feature it in a story.   All opinions are our own.


It is really unbelievable how much dirt, dust, and pet hair accumulates in our home. Let me lay it out for you so you can get an idea of what I am dealing with.  Here are the current occupants of our home.

  • 2 Adults – Pete & Heather
  • 3 Kids – Maddie, Ashley, and Emily
  • 3 Cats – 2 are long hair, and 1 is medium length hair
  • 1 Australian Shepherd (dog…not person) in the house occasionally

Not to mention, a continuous stream of guests, and many other things that contribute to our house being hard to keep clean.  


In to save the day during the holidays, and all year long, is the Dyson Cinetic Big Ball.

We have traveled so much this past year that our time at home is appreciated even more by us, but our home has been a little neglected. We have a huge Christmas Eve party, so we need to have the right tools to get it holiday-ready quick!

Starting with our new vacuum. I was a little skeptical about all the Dyson adds that you see on TV. To me, a vacuum was a vacuum…really, how much different could they be?  Well, I've learned through this process that there is actually a pretty big difference.  In fact, I just went out to my garage and counted 3 vacuums that we've purchased over the past 4 years that are no longer working for one reason or another. Why do even hang onto these?  Am I really going to ever fix them, or will they just get thrown away a few years from now?  Those are questions for another day.  



First of all, I want to point out that I am the main “vacuumer” in our house (is that even a word?) It's not that I really like it, but over the years it has just evolved into a situation where that is one of my “chores.”  At least it is better than some of the other less desirable jobs at our house.  Those fun jobs are reserved for our kids!

Back to the Dyson Cinetic Big Ball… I took the vacuum out of its slick packaging and had it assembled in a few minutes.  I actually read the instructions (large picture diagrams) this time, so it went together quickly…even for me.  I normally try to wing it with these type of things, but I decided to follow the instructions this time. Next, I plugged this sucker in(get it?) and it went to work.  It has a large clear canister on the front of the vacuum which shows what it is picking up.  It was shocking to see everything that was in the canister that was previously ground into our carpets.  



How could our other vacuum which made so much noise, and seemed to be working so hard, leave all of this stuff behind?  The answer lies in the technology behind the Dyson.  I'm not about to spout off all the reasons why the technology of the Dyson is superior to other vacuums, but I will simply use these testing facts as an example of Dyson's commitment to building a quality vacuum:

  • To ensure it is durable and reliable, the vacuum has been slammed sideways into steel blocks 200 times in side impact testing.
  • In total, Dyson engineers spent 9,000 hours testing Dyson Cinetic™ science; the equivalent of 500 years of vacuuming in the home.
  • $217,000 was spent on aggressive test dust, running suppliers’ dust stocks dry.

That's pretty impressive to me!  Who knew there was even such a thing as a dust supplier??  Also, who knew that being a dust supplier was so lucrative? I might have to look into this…

Some other things I want to point out about this machine:

  • It has quite a few different attachments for cleaning things like stairs, furniture, etc..  I tried them all out, and they worked well.
  • It is very easy to dump out the dirt and dust that accumulates in the canister.  The only problem is that this vacuum sucks up so much “stuff” that this canister needs to be dumped pretty frequently. I guess that is a good thing.
  • We've been testing out this vacuum for a few months now, and it has worked flawlessly.  
  • The kids are actually fighting with each other to get to do the vacuuming.  Maybe my days as the family “vacuumer” are numbered.  That would really make me a proud parent.

We've actually noticed a dramatic decrease in the cat fur around our house because of this vacuum.  I think the cats are great and all, but their shedding fur really gets to me sometimes.  I have even suggested that we should be shaving the cats down like Mr. Bigglesworth in order to alleviate the problem.  Heather was not onboard with this idea, so it was a good thing this Dyson has made the problem go away!

Overall I'm very impressed!  Who knew that a vacuum could really impress me? 

Pete Reese
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