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Our Miami Adventure For Wodapalooza 2018 With The Kia Sorento

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Kia is the official vehicle brand of our Reese Family adventures.

They have not only provided us with our beloved Kia Sedona that we drive back at home, but they also keep us traveling in style and comfort on our adventures near and far. When we were in Miami last month, we cruised around in the awesome 2018 Kia Sorento. 

Last month we set off on an adventure to Miami!

This wasn't one of our usual vacations, this one was for a muscle backed purpose… Ashley was competing in Wodapalooza for the second time! Last year Pete and Ash went alone while the rest of us stayed back home. We were all supposed to go, but a week before it started I decided to break my foot. Okay, so I didn't plan for that to happen but it did…and although it wasn't a bad break, I still had to stay off of it for it to heal so I had to watch the competition online. Thank goodness they broadcasted it!

This year I was extra careful walking on the level floor in my own home (how and where I broke my foot, so embarrassing) and we all got to go.

Check out that view above flying over Los Angeles! Since this was for a competition, I wanted Ash to be as rested as possible, so we took a red-eye flight that got us into town the day before registration. I also booked us all with lie-flat seats hoping we could get some rest on the plane. 

We were still pretty tired even after getting some sleep on the plane because the whole experience in those seats was so awesome that none of us wanted to sleep! My plan still worked and we weren't as tired as we could have been.

Once we landed, we grabbed our bags and made our way to our waiting 2018 Kia Sorento. It was like seeing a good friend who knows you and brought your favorite dessert to greet you. Granted there was no sugar involved, but that same happy feeling was felt by all when we were inside our Kia!

Kia is our go-to and since we started partnering with them, we fall more and more in love with all their vehicles. We have a Sedona at home compliments of Kia that is our family car. It fits all of our bags on the way to the airport for all of our trips including this one. We have driven a Sorento many times before, but I always forget how big it is on the inside while still not feeling huge on the outside. We had no problem all comfortably fitting into it, even with all of our luggage!

If you are following along on Instagram, you saw all the fun we were having as it was happening! We celebrated Emmy's 8th birthday high above the skyline in Miami and spent three days cheering Ash on. I was exhausted just watching her, but she never got as tired as I did, (ha!) and had an absolute BLAST! 

We loved being there to cheer her on!

Emmy also spent some time on the rock wall!

And then it was back to more competing for Ash!

Miami has such a festive feel no matter when you visit.

We were in the Bayfront Park area where the competition is, and it was totally different than Miami Beach. Both are family-friendly as long as you understand the high energy people that flock and live here. Expect a lot of horn honking and you will be just fine! We ended up walking a lot in the city and enjoyed some really great food! I love how much of a melting pot it is here. You can find everything from Cuban to Italian food and even some rolled ice cream!

Whenever we have been in Florida, no matter what month, we always seem to have the typical tropical, hot temperatures, but this time we were in for a surprise. There were even times when it was a bit chilly. Of course, this is coming from someone who has been born and raised in Southern California, so maybe take it with a grain of salt!

As Ash was swimming in the bay, I was being a horrible mom and daydreaming about that Disney Cruise ship in the background. I asked Ash if she noticed it and she said she was thinking about it too. We all love to cruise…

The whole fitness community is just that, a community and so welcoming.

It is one of the reasons I love that Ash and Pete are so “into it”. There was a bunch more support than hard competition happening and I always think that is how the rest of the world should be. Supporting each other and lifting everyone up together!

We are so proud of Ash! 

After all her hard work we made our way up to Disney World for some R&R.

Well if you consider walking miles each day rest? For her it totally was. We even had a great time on the drive up to Orlando watching all the wildlife along the way!

I just shared on Instagram about our love for Kia, and this feature specifically. I can't imagine going back to not having this 360-degree view!

The girls love being able to see the views above.

We are leaving for Hawaii in a couple of days and are considering that our spring break trip since we are planning to stay home for a bit and get caught up on some work. I'm actually kinda excited about getting ahead on some projects, which is hard to do when traveling. And then it is back to more vacations as soon as we can! 

Have you planned your spring break or summer vacations yet?

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