Orlando Family Vacation At Encore Resorts At Reunion

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Last month after Ash competed in Miami, we made our way up to Orlando for a luxury getaway. This wasn’t just any ‘ole vacation. It was fun, relaxing and rejuvenating all in one. What really made the difference for us was staying with our partner, Encore Resort at Reunion, in one of their luxury homes.

Encore Resort at Reunion has the perfect vacation home for everyone! Their luxury homes range from 4 to 13-bedrooms and are beautifully appointed with a private pool. Their Encore Club is dedicated to resort-style pleasures with restaurants, a bar, fitness center, concierge and shuttle services to the parks. Resort guests also have access to the AquaPark and its thrilling slides, pool, play areas, and much more!

Our home away from home was big enough for triple our party of five, at least… with 8 bedrooms, Emmy was so excited to sleep in a new room each night!

Here is a peek inside the kitchen, dining room and family room… we loved the colors and decor.

Our home even had some themed bedrooms. Em’s favorite was the princess room and Maddie and Ash loved the James Bond room!

My favorite thing was the private pool and hot tub. I rarely go swimming, but I took a dip in the water every day we were here.

Even Maddie got in on the fun!

Here is our home from above.

After we arrived, I really wished we had brought along more family members. Encore Resorts at Reunion is THE PLACE for multi-generational travel and vacations. The grandparents, aunts and uncles and cousins would have loved it here!

What really made this vacation over the top was the community water park.

There is a huge pool with private cabanas you can rent, a water park, tall slides and pool food service.

When we had our cabana, we were greeted at the entrance by our VIP attendant. Our cabana was stocked with ice-cold towels and bottles of water. We could also watch TV with the fan going to stay cool in between splashing in the pool.

As always, we kept a close watch on Emmy, but there were lifeguards everywhere and that gave us even more of a vacation feel so we could relax a bit more.

Before we even realized we were hungry, we were provided menus and our order was swiftly taken.

Quesadillas and onion rings are at the top of Em’s list so she was in food heaven!

During our stay, Florida experienced abnormally cold weather, so we were at the coffee bar in the clubhouse often.

Ash was happy to see the gym… although she did take a few rest days after her competition.

If we had been here longer, or if Pete and I had to get more work done, we would have totally taken advantage of the onsite kid’s club that is available for an additional fee. It looked like they had a lot of fun going on in there.

The grounds are so well maintained too and you feel like you are at a country club!

We didn’t have a chance to use these bikes… but we definitely will next time!

A close 15-minute drive away is Walt Disney World. We spent the day there halfway through our visit.

If you don’t have a rental car, Encore has complimentary guest transportation to Disney, Universal, and SeaWorld.

We had a blast at Epcot! It is our family-favorite resort because it feels like you are traveling to so many countries! We try to get there right when it opens, then we go straight to Mexico to watch their opening ceremony, and then hop on the ride.

Snack time was in Germany, of course. Since we went to Germany this past summer, we can’t get enough of the HUGE pretzels!

Back at Encore, we ate at Finns Restaurant, which was delicious. You can also get food delivered right to your home if you would rather stay in.

Yes, Emmy is enjoying a humongous brownie sundae!

During our stay, we also had some family fun in the arcade within the water park when it was too chilly for swimming, and it would also make the perfect spot when it gets too warm outside.

And we also had a movie night in our home theater!

This was me and Em every single night in the hot tub!

And this is Em shortly after that every night! Ha! She was sooo tired from all the fun!

On our last day, we were able to experience their in-home chef service. This was the best thing ever. Their chef and an assistant come to your home and do all of the cooking (and clean up) for you. From making the meal, to setting the table… you just get to sit back and enjoy!

We all loved watching the meal being cooked and Em even got hands-on and helped make the guacamole!

As the fajitas were being cooked, we snacked on chips and guacamole.

Check out this spread. We had fresh tortillas, homemade black beans, and rice along with veggie fajitas!

It left us perfectly full for the flight home!

When traveling with teens especially, space is a big deal and our teens loved having their own rooms (and bathrooms). One of the biggest benefits of having a home to come back to at the end of the day was that we ended our vacation more rested and relaxed than we normally are. Having all those amenities right there really helped take this vacation over the top!

Have you been to Orlando?

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