Our Full Review Of Kauai Beach Villas

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Hello from the beautiful island of Kauai!

This is our first time on this island, having been on most of the other Hawaiian Islands. You can read our reviews of Maui, Big Island, and Oahu too!

First impression: I totally get why they call this the garden island! It is so lush and green!

Back to how our adventure started… we took an early morning (non-stop) flight from LAX to Lihue Airport on Hawaiian Airlines. We’ve flown Hawaiian Airlines lay flat first class (review) a couple of times before and loved it, and this time we tried their domestic-like first class product. Obviously, lay-flat is the best, but this was good for the 6+ hour flight.

My favorite part of the flight, aside from the views out the window, has to be the macadamia nuts and POG. Plus, I also love how Hawaiian always has the Hawaiian music playing when you board and in the lavatories. It feels like you are already on the island way before you even land.

We landed around 11 am and we were at our host resort, Kauai Beach Villas a bit after noon.

The only reason it took even that long is that we had to shuttle over to get our rental car. Kauai Beach Villas is less than 10 minutes away from the airport.

We checked in and then left for a quick lunch while we waited for our rooms at Kauai Beach Villas to be ready.

I had put a little bit of time into planning meals for this trip.

We normally just go with the flow and don’t plan too much, but I made myself spend an hour the night before we left adding some places to our favorites on Google Maps. This is something I’ll be doing for the future and I’ve already started doing it for our next trips to Europe and Canada.

This way, when we were in a new area, I could look at the map and see the nearby places I had already researched by checking their menus and reviews. When I looked at past trips, we were spending way too much time figuring out where to eat and this trip we only spent minutes (instead of hours) over the course of the whole trip.

Kauai ended up being very vegan/vegetarian-friendly. Plus there were a lot of really healthy options. We must have consumed 10 acai bowls each over the week!

At Eat Healthy Kauai, my favorite dish was the macadamia nut crusted tofu. It was so good!

Before we had even finished lunch, we were sent a text message that our rooms at Kauai Beach Villas were ready. We headed back to Kauai Beach Villas, about 10 minutes away and we were all settled in!

Here is our review of Kauai Beach Villas:

Our two-bedroom condo at Kauai Beach Villas (with two full bathrooms and a washer/dryer) was along the ocean with only the green grass and a small little pond in the way of the beach. Our balcony with this view became our favorite place!

Here is a look inside the condo at Kauai Beach Villas:

The grounds were so beautiful!

The next day we took an island tour.

We always try to schedule an official tour on the first full day of our trips in each location to really get a lay of the land. Then we keep a running list of other things we want to see or go back to.

There are so many waterfalls on Kauai!

They are all gorgeous too and many of them are right off the roads, like this one, ‘Opaeka’a Falls!

Our next stop was to the Kilauea Lighthouse and Wildlife Refuge.

There are many species of birds that nest here and you can often see sea turtles, whales and monk seals. We saw a bunch of different bird species and of course our favorite nēnēs!

We stopped for lunch and coffee and just kept on seeing so many outstanding views!

We made it back to Kauai Beach Villas in the late afternoon and spent some time walking along the beach. The ocean isn’t the best for playing in the water here, but the beach is perfect for walking along the water.

The resort also has tennis courts and a little play area of the kids.

The girls went up to the pool and spa a few times and you can also use the pool area at the hotel next door. We ate breakfast at their buffet in the morning too.

If you like to have a good cookout on vacation, then you will love this bbq spot at Kauai Beach Villas with an ocean view! Also, since the condos at Kauai Beach Villas have full kitchens, you can make all your meals, or a lot of them, right here if you like. We aren’t the cook in your room types, but it was really nice to have the kitchen so we could keep a good amount of snacks on hand, especially for the kids. There are two big grocery stores about 10 -15 minutes up the road from Kauai Beach Villas, so it is super easy to fill up your kitchen.

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We really enjoyed our stay at Kauai Beach Villas and are so thankful they invited us to stay with them and offered us complimentary accommodations. We thought Kauai was great for families and was comparable in a way to Maui, but even more, laid back!

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