Our Favorite Packing Tip

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Thank you to Travel Clever for sponsoring this post about our favorite packing tip.


When we set off to travel for half the year, I imagined a fairy tale like existence. Like we would float in and out of our house, hop on planes and land in beautiful locations. The last part has turned out to be true. We have been to some amazingly beautiful locations, but the rest of it hasn’t been as carefree as I thought it would be. Travel takes work, but there is one tip I have learned that has really helped to make packing and traveling itself so much easier!


Ready for our favorite packing tip? 

It is quite easy… use the right travel accessories and make sure they all match. We learned this back when we started traveling. Back then, we had mismatched accessories that we just pieced together. I was even using a cosmetics bag to hold our passports. The worst part was that nobody could remember who’s was who’s so we wasted so much time finding everything and sorting it before we even started packing. That has totally changed.

Now everyone in the family has different colored travel accessories and we practically just grab them and go! We are heading out again in the morning, so I took some pictures to show you how easy it is to pack now.


Starting with our toiletry bags. I know that the blue/black one is Pete’s so as he uses everything in the morning, he adds it to his bag. That takes just a couple seconds to pack since he is just putting it into the bad instead of back on the counter.

Pete also keeps all of our passports, but we all have other important documents with us like boarding passes and wallets, so it is important for us to have a dedicated place to keep them all when we are on the go. I struggled for awhile to find the best solution for us, and then we found Travel Clever and their selection of Passport Holder Wallet and Bags. For Pete, the wallet was perfect. The girls and I all like the bags. 

Being organized every step of the way on our travels makes the experience even better!


Travel Clever has accessories in a bunch of different colors so that everyone in the family can have a different one. The red/wine colored one is my favorite. You can see it in the video below. The thing we liked most about Travel Clever was that all of their products are very well made, are a good value for the price, and they look good too! 


Another tip we dismissed in the past that we were told a few times in the past was about compression socks. I’ve been feeling sore muscles the past few times we flew, and I just accepted it as an after effect from chasing after Emmy in the airport and carrying her bag everywhere. But I am ready to start using compression socks from Travel Clever for some relief.

I love that Travel Clever makes so many travel products so that we can save time and money buying them all together. 


Travel Clever sent us a huge box filled with some of their awesome products which we talk about more in this video:

I can’t wait to incorporate even more of their accessories into our travels!

What are your favorite travel tips?

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