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Thank you so much to Britax for allowing us to review this awesome car seat. We love it!


When the little one joined our family I knew she was going to be tall.

My other two were peanuts and then all of a sudden I had a typically sized baby who’s genetics dictated she would get to be the sought after over 5’2 that we are all stuck at. There was a rush of excitement and then I started questioning if having a tall kid would make me have to think outside the box that I was so used to. In contrast, at birth, my oldest was so small that the preemie clothes were way too big. With my littlest one, she has been a year ahead since she was one. So at 4, she is in 5 and sometimes size 6 clothes. They totally sag on her… but at least her pants aren’t capris!

What I didn’t realize is that it’s not just clothes that you have to think about when it comes to having short, tall, light and heavy kids… Safety in the car is VERY important and their size matters a lot when choosing a car seat!


My baby is four years old which makes her not really a baby anymore.

And I knew it was time for a big girl car seat for her so I started to do some research. Each of my older girls had multiple Britax car seats so I knew that was the brand we were going to go with. Unfortunately, we have been in multiple rear end car accidents and each time the girls were well protected and unharmed. I credit the unparalleled safety of their seats to that!

Each of my older kids fit perfectly in their Britax car seats… this is my now 11 year old in two of hers…


My older girls were each in a booster till they were almost 10 and finally 70 pounds.

Our pediatrician has always said keep them in a booster as long as possible and I did. We had to upgrade a few times to make sure that they fit well and it was worth it to know that they are as safe as possible!


The little one got her first Britax at birth.

I realized that I didn’t have any pictures of her in it till she was about 9 months old so after I did it’s monthly wash I had my husband place it front facing… just for the pictures. He thought I was crazy to want pictures in her car seat but I think they make the best pictures that show how much they have grown! If you look carefully in the back you will even see my now 14-year-old {at 10+ years old on her Britax Booster using just the bottom part}.


I love how the car seat came practically ready to go with a protective cover on it!


The Britax Frontier 90 UlitmateComfort Series Combination Harness-2-Booster Car Seat met every requirement I had and then some!

It is exclusively sold at Babies-R-Us. I had a couple options, but knowing she was going to be bigger than the other two I went with the Frontier 90 since it goes up to 90 pounds if needed. It also comes apart so she can just use the bottom booster like my older two did.


The Britax features the ground-breaking CLICKTIGHT Installation System combined with Leading Head Safety technologies.

The CLICKTIGHT Installation System is an innovative technology that allows parents to easily achieve a safe and secure installation using a vehicle seat belt throughout the life of the seat, in harness mode, without having to worry about the weight of your child. 


There are so many features with this car seat.

True Side Impact Protection, Base with SafeCell Technology, Integrated Steel Bars, Energy Absorbing Versa-Tether, Tangle Free straps, HUGS (Harness Ultra Guard System) Chest Pads, Compatible with SecureGuard…. Just a name a few!!!

I also love that she can snap herself in and take it off!

I still double check to make sure we are all set… and she asks before taking it off… but it makes me feel good to know that in an emergency she can get in and out in a hurry!


You can tell how much more comfortable she is in this seat.

The booster seat allows her to be able to see out the window and feel like a big girl!


She can easily buckle and unbuckle her own seat.

The straps are designed to keep from getting twisted and tangled. I really appreciate that feature as we don’t have to battle the straps just to get in the car and go!


The cup holders on either side of the seat are just icing on the cake for my little rider!

She is already keeping little treasures in the cup and enjoying every moment in the car. She is safe, comfortable and happy. And that makes this momma VERY happy!

How many do you have in car seats right now? 

*Please note* These photos were taken to show the awesome features we love about this car seat. They are not to demonstrate proper installation. Please refer to the instructions included with your car seat for install instruction. After these photos were taken further steps were taken to complete the install.* 

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  • That looks like an incredibly comfortable and spacious booster seat…almost like a mini-sofa seat. I’m impressed with all of the safety features.

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  • I don’t have any in car seats right now. We are going to be doing foster care in a few years so I will keep these in mind as I will probably need a few carseats in varying sizes.

  • Your girls are so cute. Looks like a great car seat we just recently went to a booster my son said he was a big kid now and didn’t want to sit in a “baby” seat….lol

  • Your daughter is so adorable! Britax has the best car seats! I should’ve bought them while my daughters were younger because Britax are more safe.

  • Thanks for the Britax carseat review. I am looking to get a carseat for my son.

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