Our Family Championship Game Party Guide

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This is a sponsored post on behalf of Hidden Valley® Ranch. We are partnering with the makers of Hidden Valley® Ranch in celebration of family meal times while savoring it all: the little, big and chaotic moments of everyday life.

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I remember during college tailgating in the parking lot of the football game with my friends.

We had so much fun… but it was also a lot of work to put together. Now that I have my own family I like to recreate that same excitement, but in the comfort of our own home with a lot less work and even more fun.

After planning tailgate parties for years I put together this quick guide to show how easy it can be done.

I break the planning into sections… food, decorations and entertainment.

Before we start on anything we have a family meeting and talk about what to serve before the shopping begins. typically try to stick with choices that are easy to make, serve and eat, since I too look forward to spending time with my family and getting in on the fun.

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I don’t place the food out on the table all at once so that way we can enjoy our conversations before we dive in with the main dish. Normally, I’ll have the traditional chips, fresh fruits, veggies and dips, out first because everyone loves these! After we have enjoyed those snacks I bring out the main course, pizza and bread sticks or veggie hamburgers and hot dogs. Both are huge hits and my family always looks forward to them.

Once the forth quarter starts I bring out the dessert. This dish varies from fresh fruit to cookies or even a cake. It depends on what was agreed upon when we had our family meeting.


Decorations are the easiest part.

Emmy is the head of our decoration committee; she decides what goes where, and when. I love letting her take charge of decorations, because she takes so much pride in making the living room feel like a party. She puts the tablecloth, football cups, and football dishes on the coffee table; she even brings a few footballs out of storage and places those around the room. We don’t typically use a ton of decorations for our party, but a little goes a long way.


Entertainment is the most fun of all.

In addition to having the game on the TV, the players are not the only ones playing football. Pete and the girls toss the balls back and forth. If the weather is nice and we don’t mind missing some of the entertaining commercials or half time show, we head outside for a moment to see who can throw the football the farthest. I love watching the girls laugh and have such a blast during our own fun games. Moments like these really make me take a step back and appreciate when we are all together enjoying each other’s company.  

That’s it. Our Championship Game party is fun and super easy!

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This is a sponsored post on behalf of Hidden Valley® Ranch. We are partnering with the makers of Hidden Valley® Ranch in celebration of family mealtimes while savoring it all: the little, big and sometimes chaotic moments of everyday life.


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  1. Sounds like fun! My son is 17 now so he usually goes to a friends house to watch the game while I stay home and relax.

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