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On raising strong girls…

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When Maddie, our oldest daughter, was born, I made a pact with Pete that we were going to raise strong girls. Girls that grew up knowing that they can become anything they dreamed of. I wanted them to be physically strong, but even more importantly… I wanted them to be mentally strong too!

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We talk often about what problems in the world they want to solve, not just what they want to have as a career. This form of thinking helps them see past what their options are today, because who knows if there’s a career that aligns with their current interests. Back in the 1980’s, my job didn’t exist. I want them to think beyond what they see as traditional jobs for today’s women, and instead think about what their passion is.

We also talk about women that are living their dreams and not only breaking old school gender myths, but that are also thinking big and working hard to better the world and be role models for our girls.

Fitness is everything to Ashley, and she has cheered for and looked up to other female athletes to help encourage her to be her best. 

It is so nice to see strong females working together to spread the word that girls can do anything they put their minds too!

How do you encourage your girls to be strong?

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