Oh What A Day

Oh What A Day! This is what made today awesome!

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I started writing about life back in 2000.

That's 15 years ago for those of you that haven't had enough coffee yet to do math. 15 years! And things have changes a lot since then. One thing that has changed that I really miss is just talking about life and the simple everyday things that make life so awesome. 

There have been ups and downs these past 15 years, but one thing that I've gotten really good at is seeing the good in everyday…. so I've decided to start writing about our everyday life again. I can't guarantee it will be exciting all the time, but I can promise that I will find good in every moment. Let's start with yesterday…




Here is San Diego that is the same as winning the lottery, almost. But to those of us that have to water a grove and be so careful about every drop of water we use… it sure felt like that. After the thunder left and it was just water falling down we went outside and jumped in some puddles. The jury is still out who had the better time. Me or Emmy.


After some puddle jumping we headed to Target to buy some croissant bread for an upcoming post and video! Thankfully I did actually buy the bread since I've been known to go to the store and buy everything, but what I really needed. Em LOVES the Dollar Spot so we spent what felt like 100 years looking at everything that was there. At the end she decided she wanted nothing. Time well spent I tell ya!


And I finally found a Coke with my name. I took this picture and then felt kinda bad that I didn't buy it (what an awesome marketing job), but I don't drink sugar drinks or caffeine often so….


I can't even tell you about this picture, I'm still not sure what was happening…


Maddie's big buy for the day. There is a reason we call her brains! 


This is going to come as no surprise to anyone.

She picked this out and then spent hours last night playing with is. When we were at Target we had a group of people ask if they could take their picture with her. They thought the rainbow hair extension was real. <— I'm cool, but not that cool!


Well maybe… and you know what I learned from today? That I take life way too seriously. I need to add more silliness back into my life.

How was your day?

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  1. Sometimes a little silliness is just what the doctor ordered. Sounds like a fun day!

  2. I love all the silly photos!! My day was pretty good today. My daughters and I tried out some of those Balloon Bonanza things where you fill out a bunch of balloons at once. We had a ton of fun with that!

  3. You sound like my kind of people! I try not to take life too seriously. I love you fun photos, look like you were just having fun!

  4. Ha, ha, ha… that rainbow hair extension is pretty awesome! Sounds like you had a GREAT day.

  5. I love that you enjoyed a fun, carefree day with your girls. Those truly are some of my favorite memories, plus a Target run always makes a day better!

  6. I am in recovery mode today after being away for a week. After a 11 hour drive home that should have taken us 7 i am exhausted. I would do it all again because i had an amazing trip.

  7. This week we have been trying to stay cool. It has been so warm here it is hard to have any motivation to do anything. My kids love My little Pony. I love the hair clip.

  8. Jumping in puddles is so much fun. We had a nice thunder storm this week. I have had a pretty quiet week so far which is a nice change.

  9. My family is the same- we can just goof around and have a blast at Target. I can’t believe you didn’t grab the coke with your name- hey, at least it was sugar free (Coke Zero)!

  10. I love that you are bringing the blogging concept back to blogging. Sometimes we get so caught up that we forget why we started.

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