Oh, July!

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Talk about being late to the party!

The past two months have been an absolute BLUR, but I wanted to share what we have been up to, so let’s time travel back to July! 

The tardiness of this post is for a very good reason though… Pete and I were hard at work creating and launching our two newest courses… Course Creator Blueprint and Sell That Course!

I am so excited about both of these because, for the last two years, we have been asked to share how we were able to successfully sell our courses and we finally blocked off time to do just that.

We started with Course Creator Blueprint to actually show how to create an online course, but really that isn’t the hard part. People create courses all day long. Where they get stuck and give up is when it comes time to actually SELLING that course. And we nailed that part in our Sell That Course Course. We walk you through EVERYTHING that we do, and did, from having no audience for our product to selling it to thousands! 

The reality is that having an online education business takes time and work, and each new product launch is like starting a whole new business. You feel like you need to nap for like 6 months when you are done, but seriously nothing touches the feeling of accomplishment and joy that it brings.

This time was no different.

Since we needed to finish the launch before we left to spend a couple of months in Europe, we had to spend all of our time getting it done. That means that there were very few blog posts published here, and that is the only bummer part. I really miss sharing and connecting over here when we are in launch mode, but the tides are shifting and I can blog more now. 

I always tell my girls that they can be and do anything, just not always at the same time, and I had to give myself this advice quite a lot over the past couple of months.

Of course, it wasn’t ALL work and no fun. We packed in tons of family time and had such an amazing July.

Here are some of our favorite moments…

A HUGE highlight from July was getting to celebrate Canada Day in Canada!


Another favorite part of the month was the new friend we made when we were in Victoria.

Yep, I think of cats as a highlight of my life. I’m a cat lady through and through. This was Hambone. We really missed our kitty, Moon, back home, and it was fun seeing this guy on our walks. A neighbor told us his name so we always greeted him with it. The sad part was that as much as I loved seeing him, he didn’t care at all about me. Pete, on the other hand, was a highlight to Hambone. He thought Pete was pretty special, ha!

Canadian coffee might be my favorite coffee, and July was full of good coffee days.

Emmy had us walk by this sign as much as possible.

She thought it was the best. Side note- we were not the ones who made it, just the ones who enjoyed it! We took it to mean that women were getting stuff done, but I can see how it was actually a joke on women, but we are optimistic people and took it as a positive. 

Emmy also got her ears pierced, because… why not do it in Canada?

I love that she will be able to look back on this moment as an international adventure!

We had afternoon tea.

It was an overcast day and a tad cool… so having warm tea made it even better!

Went to The Butchart Gardens.

It was so beautiful!

The first set of grandparents came to see us in Victoria. 

Maddie left us early to fly back to San Diego for ComicCon.

And then the other set of grandparents came to visit!

And of course, Emmy ate her weight in ice cream!

Victoria is like an ice cream mecca with options around every corner. There were even a lot of vegan choices! Yum!

Soon it was time to head home.

The airport in Victoria is great! It is just big enough to feel spacious but not get lost, everyone there is friendly, and it is so well laid out and clean!

The happiest moment of the month was for sure reuniting with Maddie.

We missed her so much!

I can for sure say that July was a great month!

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