Oahu Jungle Adventure With Kids- Kualoa Ranch

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About an hour drive from Waikiki is a not so little ranch called Kualoa Ranch.

Used often by Hollywood to shoot adventure blockbusters with jungle settings, this is a really fun place to visit as a family because there is so much to do. From horseback riding, to jungle expeditions, you could spend days on the ranch. 

There is a reason they are ” The World’s Most Famous Private Nature Reserve.”

kualoa ranch

We were very excited to visit the ranch and to partner with them to share all about their jungle tour.

When we arrived for the tour we were offered either the smooth truck, or the much bumpier one. The girls were not thrilled when Pete chose the bumpy one.

bumpy jungle ride

He was perfectly fine with the choice. 

off road in hawaii

In all reality we did feel the bumps and dips in the kinda off road trail we took, it was not crazy bumpy, but it really did add to the fun! The bumpier vehicle also was more intimate and we really got to know the driver and those in the truck with us.  

chinaman island oahu hawaii

We learned all about this little island called Mokoliʻi, which the locals still call Chinaman's Hat.

statues in the jungle

We learned about the Hawaiian Culture and history…

hawaii oahu with kids

And just stared at these beautiful views!

jungle adventure in hawaii

We even had a little look at where Jurassic Park was filmed!

movie filming oahu
hike kualoa ranch

At the top of the mountain climb we were able to go for a little hike to a lookout point that brought us to this view. When people talk about “forever views” this is what that looks like!

petting zoo

Back down at the bottom of the mountain Emmy enjoyed the petting zoo and watching the hours return from a ride.

horse ranch

This is one of my favorite pictures from Hawaii. If take this same tour, and I highly recommend you do, be sure to ask to take this a picture here too!

mountain hiking with kids hawaii

Learn More About Kualoa Ranch on their website

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  1. This looks like such a fun time. I always love your photos, everyone always looks like they are having such a great time! I would love to do something like this!

  2. That looks like so much fun! I would love to go there and see all the animals. My girls would have so much fun. All your photos are so beautiful!

  3. I can see why someone would want to spend days there touring that ranch, it is absolutely beautiful. I love the comment on getting to know everyone on the ride because of the bumps – bumpy rides are definitely good for meeting the people next to you!

  4. This is such a beautiful place. I love all your photos of the scenery, nature, and animals. This is a great way to teach young people why it is so important to take better care of our planet.

  5. That’s such an awesome place to go to especially with the kids. I would definitely choose the bumpy ride as well, it makes things more exciting! The island is so lovely, the views are breathtaking. And I would love to see where Jurassic Park was filmed!

  6. I enjoyed reading and taking a look at your pictures of the sights! I’ve yet to come there and I plan to as soon as possible. The Jurassic tidbit had me pumped up as well since I’m a fan of the series! Excellent place for a visit!

  7. This looks like it was an amazing trip. I would love to learn all the Hawaiian Culture and history.

  8. Hawaii is a destination i have always dreamed of going to. It is so beautiful there and the Hawaiian Culture and history is so fascinating to learn.

  9. I’ve never been to Oahu. But your post is making me want to add this ranch to our family bucket list since we take 2 major trips with our 4 teens every year.

  10. This trip sounds like it was so awesome. I would love to have the chance to visit one day. I will be going to the Kualoa Ranch if I do!

  11. This looks like an amazing place to visit. My son and I are hoping to visit Hawaii and if we do, I will definitely have to look this place up!

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