No More Meltdowns With BJ’s Restaurant App

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bjs restaurant mobile app

Last week we decided it was pizza night for Pete and me so we headed off on a date night.

Just kidding, it was a family meal out… but we did dare to dream about a stress-free dinner where there were no meltdowns and no whining about when the food would be coming out. Our dream dinner actually came true thanks to the new BJ’s Restaurant Dine in Order Ahead App! 

The new app is pretty cool. This is how it works…

Simply download the app on your phone. It’s available on both Android and for iPhones. Next, select the location you will be dining at then place your order and tell them when you will be coming.

We have some picky eaters and the app makes it very easy to add notes if you want to change something about your meal. I confirmed that the order was correct and when we would be there and submitted it. Then we got in the car and headed to the BJ’s Restaurant!

Once we arrived I told the hostess that we had used the “BJ’s Mobile App” for “Dine in Order Ahead”.

She immediately checked her computer and saw our info and double checked that our table was perfect and then we were seated. Our order was also started in the kitchen at that time. Our waiter greeted us within seconds and let us know that he had checked in with the kitchen and that they were already working on our food. He went over what we had ordered and asked if we wanted to change anything and then brought out our drinks.

bjs dine in order ahead

This is normally when our littlest starts to get antsy waiting for the food. Not this time. Minutes later this happened…

bjs pizza

And this too…

bjs quick food

Only happiness here!

Using the app cut down on our wait by 75% of what it would normally take and that is awesome. I know that when we do getaway on a date night we normally have very limited time so this would be perfect for that too.

bjs mobil ap

From start to finish we were done in 41 min and everyone had a great time. We will definitely be doing this again… 


When it was time to pay we didn’t even have to wait for a bill.

With the app you also can also pay right from your smartphone with Mobile Pay. I opened up the confirmation email that I received after I placed my order and clicked on the link (which went straight to the app) and then I entered my credit card info, selected a tip amount and hit submit! I couldn’t believe how easy it was and I even asked the waiter if it went through because it seemed almost too easy. This is how dining out should be!

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  • What a great app. We don’t have a BJ’s in our area. The food looks good. This is a must app for those who have young fidgety kids, like I was.

  • I love this idea! Great way for a fast casual restaurant to be even quicker and more convenient for their customers.

  • I miss BJ’s. We used to visit the one in Tucson all the time….now we’re on the east coast. I wish more places had this service.

  • this is such a great idea! i mean imagine your stuck in a traffic jam and this would be a perfect thing to do so can just go and eat upon arriving to the resto!

  • I’ve never heard of that restaurant but this is a great idea! Hopefully some places where I live will start something similar.

  • I wish we had a BJ’s here. This would be very convenient. Thanks for sharing.

  • That is one sleek looking app! A tip for your photos: When they’re washed out like that you can clean them up by adjust color hues in photoshop or other apps. It’ll really make them pop!

  • These are the best kind of apps, never heard of this place though. The food looks tasty though!

  • Great app! I would love for a lot more restaurants and other entertainment venues to have these apps. You have a wonderful looking family!

  • What a great idea. I hate going to a restaurant and sitting around waiting to eat. This sounds like the perfect app and solution for me and my kids.

  • The timesaving aspect of this is incredible! I would love that on busy days or when I was trying to make a movie or show.

  • Fantastic app. Great for time saving and hassles of going to the resto. It’s nice to know that this app is available in android too 🙂

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