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Nic and Cam – Blogger Success Profile

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We have an exciting Success Story to share today. We are thrilled to introduce you to a sister blogging duo, Nicolette and Cami, of!

Together, Nic and Cam write about travel, homeschooling, and lifestyle topics. They both live in different areas around Southern California, and love working together putting out blog content!

Many of our students come to us completely new to blogging, but Nic and Cam actually already had their blog set up for a year before they found our Facebook group and 5-Day Email Crash Course. Just days after taking the crash course, they enrolled in the September 2017 Blogging Blastoff Course because they knew the information would be invaluable to take their blog to the next level.

Nicolette made an excellent point in saying that they might have eventually been able to find out what they needed to know to take their blog to the next level….”But If you don't know what you're looking for to begin with, you're already behind the curve. This course laid it all out for us! It also amazes us that the Reeses, with their current measure of success, respond personally to inquiries and questions. The level of support (before, during, and after the course) is priceless!”

Let’s talk about Nic and Cam’s successes since taking the Blogging Blastoff Course! 

Less than one month after completing the course, they booked their first sponsored social media sharing opportunity.  Within three months, they completed their first sponsored blog post. Within six months, Nic was contacted by her favorite homeschool curriculum company and offered a one-year brand ambassadorship! And that is just the beginning.

They’ve also had some success with the Blogging Blastoff affiliate program, earning commissions by telling others about our course.

Nic could not wait for the Travel Blogging Fast Track course to be available. She was one of the first to enroll in November 2017 and was actually the first one to finish the course!

Nic's blog posts about her sun sensitivity struck a chord with their readers. Prior to a Hawaiian vacation earlier this year, Nic reached out to her #1 favorite sun protection clothing company and pitched an idea. They responded by sending several (expensive) products for Nic to wear in Hawaii to help protect her from the tropical sun! Nic's family also received free admission to a theme park on Oahu during that same trip.

Cam wrote a blog post reviewing a company she loves and their excellent customer service. Writing about this company was an untapped market on the web (it’s doing really well SEO wise) and she has now maxed out their affiliate program. After some negotiating, Cam is now enjoying a unique affiliate relationship with the company.

Another really exciting venture they’ve launched since taking our courses is a Semi-Budget Travel Planning course to help others plan fabulous budget-friendly experiences all over the world. 

They are continuing to book sponsored posts for travel and lifestyle posts, while also increasing their social media numbers substantially, surpassing their goals faster than expected. (Like reaching 10K followers on Instagram!)

We love hearing success stories like Nic and Cam’s! 

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  • Not at all surprised how well they are doing – their blog is a haven for amazing resources! Very impressive. Way to go, girls!

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