Family New Year’s Resolution Printables

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New Years Resolutions Printable Keepsakes for the Whole Family

Has it been a year already?

It’s beyond belief that we are about to celebrate yet another year ending and a new one beginning.  There are so many reasons we all love the ‘New Year’ and we each have our favorite New Year’s tradition.  Whether you entertain each year, take a trip to a New Year’s party destination or simply relax on your couch watching the ball drop (personally with kids, this is our favorite!)…there is an unmistakable energy about New Years that generates laughter and frivolity no matter where you are!

New Years Resolutions Printable Keepsakes for the Whole Family

Let’s talk Resolutions. 

In my last post, I confessed that I am a creator of numerous organizational lists.  I have so many different journals which contain sketches or chicken scratch for various gatherings and goings-on.  Being that the New Year is upon us, it seems the perfect time to get started on that list of resolutions.  Not all resolutions are created equal, that is to say, we each have our own reason to jot down those yearly promises.  Most of us record ways to better ourselves by eating right, stressing less (yes please!), spending more time doing what makes us happy or finally taking that backpacking tour through Europe (ok so maybe that’s more of a dream).  Whatever it maybe, it continues to be a tradition that makes us feel like we can accomplish anything in the coming year!  And, sometimes we do 😉

New Years Resolutions Printable Keepsakes for the Whole Family

Resolutions – Not just for adults.

My children joined in on the writing of resolutions and what it “a resolution” means to them, a few years back.  In doing this they realized that a resolution can be pretty much anything and everything.  Making better choices, being better friends to each other.  Helping others, taking on more challenges in both education and at home, spending less time on electronics! Not only did this act as a guide to better understanding themselves; they also began to understand that any goal we set can be achieved if we keep it at the front of our minds throughout the year.  This made me feel that we needed a place to keep these tidbits of promise, aspiration, and hope, so we may reflect on them throughout the year.  Check in on our progress, if you will.  

I just may have the perfect little gift for you!  

A “Family Yearbook” with printable inserts for each member of your family. Below you’ll find an easy to follow slide-show “pictorial” of how to create your own “Family Yearbook” keepsake! Click the links to download and print your very own resolution template. Then set aside some time with your family, for a little handmade book building. 2015 we are ready for you!


ResolutionsG ResolutionsGR ResolutionsKids



Shall we…

Family Yearbook

New Years Resolutions Printable Keepsakes for the Whole Family

Gather Your Supplies:

  • Art Board (From any Craft Store usually comes in 20×30) 
  • 12×12 Decorative Papers (Front and Back Décor)
  • Glue Gun
  • Bone Folder
  • Twine, Ribbon or Loose Leaf Rings
  • Rotary Cutter or Box Cutter
  • Chip Board Punch
  • Scissors
  • Ruler
  • Pencil
  • Paper Cutter
  • Resolution Printables and any other Documented Memories
  • Various embellishments or you may use your paper cutting system if you have one ☺


  1. Using your rotary cutter or Box Cutter and ruler. Cut 2 pieces of 9×11.25 Art Board
  2. Using your paper cutter.  Cut 2 pieces of the decorative 12×12 paper into 10×12 papers for the front and back covers.  Then cut 2 additional 9×11.25 papers for the inside of both the front and back covers.
  3. Center the artboard onto the decorative paper for the front cover leaving equal spacing all around.  Dot a thin layer of glue on the four corners of the paper, and replace the artboard, this keeps it from moving about.
  4. Next, mark and cut off each corner, leaving a little bit of excess paper at each corner. (See pictorial)
  5. Take your bone folder and score all the way around the artboard onto the paper, where you will fold the sides in.  This makes it easier for while you quickly glue and fold at the same time.
  6. Drag a thin layer with your glue gun, down the sides of the artboard and fold the paper onto the glue.  Continue doing this all the way around.  Use your bone folder to press the paper onto the artboard.
  7. Now grab one of your 9×11.25 pieces of decorative paper and begin gluing this to the inside of the front cover. 
  8. Continue this process for the back cover, outer and inner.
  9. Take your chipboard Punch and find the center of your now covered art board and punch the holes.  My punch had two holes so I kept it simple.  You may punch as many as you would like.   Holes can be placed on the sides or top of your book.
  10. Here you can cut divider pages (9×11.25) with different years on them.  I chose to make a 2014 divider as well and stash away our “Christmas Wishlists”, which can be found here.  Finally a home for our wish lists from each year! Woo-hoo!
  11. Then, decorate away!  I used a cutting system to cut some of the banner/designs/numbers.  If you scrapbook or stamp or just love to doodle, I’m sure you have some fun embellishments lying about.  I also made an envelope out of the same paper, just to add little items like concert tickets or trinkets collected throughout the year.
  12. Place all of your pages.  Thread your binding material, be it ribbon, twine or rings….and you are all done!

Keep adding to your “Family Yearbook” each year for lasting and very organized memories!!  You’ll have a family heirloom, which can be passed down for many generations to come. 

New Years Resolutions Printable Keepsakes for the Whole Family

What is your New Year’s resolution?

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