Wireless Video Monitoring a Smart House Must

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We are making some awesome progress on making our home smarter!

One of the next steps was to add video monitoring.  The last time we had any sort of video monitoring was when the girls were all babies and they had nursery monitors. I was shocked at how far they have come! I am so impressed with the NETGEAR VueZone Video Monitoring System and it was the perfect solution to our needs.

The NETGEAR VueZone is more than just a home security camera system.
It was super easy to install and can be done in 10 mins or less even for those that are not tech savvy. My husband is really good at all things tech and I’m not that good at setting things up. We both did this together so that I could share how easy or difficult it was. It was very easy and I would have no problem doing it myself.

Here are the simple steps we took to get it all set up and working:

1. Plug in the base station to the router.
2. Put batteries in the cameras.
3. Sync the cameras to the base station with the press of a button. <— so simple!
4. Mount the cameras where you want them, you just peel and stick. These are wireless and they don’t need a power source because they are battery powered. 
After that you create an account on and follow the steps.
You can also download a free app so you can check the video from your smartphone or tablet, which Pete and I both have on our phones. This is what it looks like:
 And here is a closer look at what we can see. The kit came with extra mounts so I can move them around if  like. 

There are some really cool features that make this one of the best video monitoring systems… 

It can be setup to alert you by email when the motion sensor detects movement at any of the cameras.  With the premier service upgrade through the website, videos and snapshots can be stored to access at anytime.  

What a great way to keep any eye on your UPS packages that get dropped off!  

We feel like we have a real security camera system at our home just like most retail stores have and  that added sense of safety is amazing! I think it’s the perfect addition to our regular security system… but many people are happy just having this and forgoing other traditional systems.


This is one of our mounted cameras. They look great and are very functional. The base station will support up to 15 cameras. So we have plans to add even more cameras. I love that we can pull up the app in our phones and see our home, even if we are not there.

What you get in the starter system.

You get the base which controls your 2 cameras. Every VueZone system comes with free basic service. Everything you need to remotely view your home, family, pets, or property. Basic service includes live video monitoring; motion alerts and remote motion arm/disarm on your smartphone, tablet or computer. 

If you want more cameras, no problem all you have to do is upgrade to the Premier Service plan for up to 5 cameras. If you want even more the Elite service plan supports up to a whopping 15 cameras.

Need an outdoor camera?

Each VueZone system includes ingenious peel-and-stick magnetic mounts. Since you can move wire-free cameras in seconds, you’ll want more mounts in more places to see more stuff. Even mount outdoors protected from rain with the Outdoor Shell.

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