NETGEAR® Nighthawk Review {spoiler alert, it ROCKS!}

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We are in the process of turning our home into a Smart Home.

Our family is very into electronics and technology. Our goal for this year is to make our home as technologically advanced as we can. One of the first steps in this process is having the best possible router.

If you are like us, your internet connection is shared by lots of different devices.

 Most people don’t realize it, but if your router is a couple of years old, it probably wasn’t designed to work with as many devices as you have.

If you are running that many devices on your old router, you WILL have problems.

For instance, we have no less than 14 devices that use our internet connection.  This will only grow over time as we accumulate more electronics.  This includes laptops, TV’s, smartphones, tablets, game systems, and home automation products.  

After doing some research, we found that NETGEAR® Nighthawk is the best possible router for our home. 

My husband had a big part in setting up the NETGEAR® Nighthawk in our home. Much of my notes from this process came from him or watching him as he installed the router and made sure every device was connected and running at amazing speeds.

The installation is very simple…

…just follow the 6 steps in the manual which consists of screwing in the antennas, plugging in the cables, and logging in with a new password.  Even non-techies will be up and going in less than 10 minutes.

netgear nighthawk review

This setup was extremely simple. We were done in minutes! 

The coverage throughout our home is dramatically better with the new router.  We have a 2 story home with a lot of rooms, and the signal was good in every single room! The NETGEAR® Nighthawk runs on 2.4GHz and 5GHz and the 3 antennas on the router dramatically increases the range throughout your home (and in your backyard). It also has a usb 2.0 and usb 3.0 ports; useful for plugging in an external hardrive directly to your router.  This is great for storing family photos, videos, and music in one central location.
When we were using our old router and multiple people wanted to stream Netflix, Youtube, etc at one time, everyone definitely experienced a lot of buffering.  As soon as we switched to the Nighthawk, the buffering is now a problem of the past.

NETGEAR® has a great free app called NETGEAR® genie.


When you install the app on your phone or tablet, it will automatically recognize your new router.  

Then you can easily setup things like guest access, parental controls, and more. There is also a tool where you can check the wifi signal in any area of your home. 

The NETGEAR® Nighthawk has taken us another step further in making our home a Smart Home.

Having a good strong router really enables both my husband and I to do everything we need to do when working from home and gives our family the ability to do multiple things at once on several different devices. We are really enjoying faster speeds and no buffering in our home! This is the next generation of streaming!
If you are ready to make your home a Smart Home, then check out the NETGEAR Nighthawk AC1900 Dual Band WiFi Gigabit Router (R7000)
How many devices do you have in your home that connect to the internet?


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  • I have fios, so I don’t think I have a modem…or maybe I do, but it’s one they provide. Hmmm, I feel so uninformed right now.

  • This is amazing, and definitely going on my wish list. We have so many devices. Our internet connection is one of our guest rooms, but our computers are no where near it. (And it’s been this way since we bought our house.) It’s such a struggle to get internet downstairs!

  • Thanks for the info. We are starting to have some issues because so many devices want our wireless. And I have a new router from my cable company! This will be an ongoing issue, thanks for the information.

  • I have never had more problems than recently with our router at home. Maybe it’s from all the storms we have been having. If something doesn’t give I will be looking for something else.

  • I never thought about being able to view the traffic to the router. That’s great. We have a lot of devices in our home that use our wifi. Now that I add them up I realize we have at least 15 devices. No wonder sometimes our internet bogs down.

  • Ours currently works great with all our devices but I know it’s just a matter of time before that isn’t the case. My mil’s is awful- it’s constantly kicking her phone off and making her use her data. I need to show her this.

  • I have that exact router and I am so pleased with it. The connection doesn’t drop and it allows our high speed cable connection to actually be high speed.

  • See now you have made me think about how many items we have connecting to our router. I think the number is around 20…what is scary is I’m not even sure about that…could be more. Maybe I need to look into this router thing lol.

  • I just want my wifi to reach out to our pool deck! I wonder if this one can do the trick, I’ll look into it!

  • Hey, cool! it has an app! Routers are the hardest things to set up, it seems, so the app really makes it easier. My friend and I were actually trying to figure out why her internet/router wouldn’t pick up on the DS at her house, this week. I know what brand to recommend to her, now 😉

  • Happy to hear it’s so easy to connect know. I know how frustrating it is when it isn’t (easy to connect)!

  • I. Need. This. Like NOW! I’m SO sick of my internet service/router (not quite sure which one it is causing all the issues). This sounds like it could definitely help eliminate the issues we’ve been having!

  • I spent over 10 years in computer sales and Netgear makes some great products. I have FIOS now. This would have been great back when I didn’t!

  • I’ve been having a LOT of trouble maintaining a WI-FI signal lately. I keep having to reset the router. This sounds like a great option! I love all the little extras that it provides!

  • Actually, I am in the market for a new one so thanks for the review! My old one didnt last as long as I had hoped it too.

  • I think I really need this router! My husband just bought a new one, and it has been nothing but a hassle since we got it. I think we have spent more time on the phone to customer support trying to get the stupid thing to work than we have actually using it. I am going to suggest this router to my hubby tonight!

  • We use a Netgear router as well! We have never had a problem with it despite constantly streaming netflix from multiple devices.

  • I am pretty happy with what I have now with Consolidated Communication. I will definitely keep this in mind if I ever need it

  • I think we need a router, ours is a few years old and we are constantly refreshing it. This looks exactly like what we need with our 50 billion devices.

  • I bet this would help my spotty connection in the upstairs of my house. I’m about to look at amazon now.

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