Netgear Arlo Wireless Home Monitor Review

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Our smart home quest continues with the addition of the Netgear Arlo Smart Home Security Camera System.

2015 is shaping up to be the year of travel and home improvement, which is exactly how we hoped it would be. These both go hand in hand because when we are traveling we want to know that our home is fairing just as well as our travels. When we are off on an adventure we have family stay at our home to watch our dog and cats, but I still like the added benefit of having video monitors so that we can check in too!

Arlo Smart Home Security Camera System is the world’s ONLY 100% wire-free, HD, Indoor/Outdoor video cameras for home monitoring. Motion activated cameras initiate automatic recording and alert you via email or app notifications. Free apps enable remote monitoring from anywhere and with the built-in night vision you’ll even see in the dark.

We use video monitors for more than home security though.

We also use them to make life easier. My favorite way is to have one in the cat’s bathroom… yes, my cats have their own bathroom. We have an automatic cat litter box, that occasionally gets clogged (don’t think about that one too much, yuck) and their food and water in that room too. We have one of the Arlo monitors in the cat bathroom and we can then check in and make sure they have enough food and water and that the litter box is working properly. 

netgear arlo

Sleek Design

Looks matter right? Especially if they are going to be out for all to see in your home. The design of the Arlo seamlessly fits in with the rest of our decor.

Ease of set up and usage

We found set-up to be very easy. There was just a new firmware update and that took a bit longer to download due to our internet speed. Once we were past that it took seconds to get going. We mounted the cameras and downloaded the apps and we were good to go. Pete set it up on his computer to get it customized to how we wanted to use it and then I opened the app on my iPad and we were done. 

Video quality

We noticed a slight delay, again because of our internet speed at the time. But the actual quality of the video was awesome. There is no audio which is something I might have liked to have, but because of the functionality in what we are using it for, it’s not really needed.

It grows with you.

We were sent the Arlo with two cameras and for our needs that was enough, but if you need more views of your home you can add more cameras. When the girls were younger I would have loved to have had one in each of their rooms!

The Arlo is a great option for those who do not want or need a security service with a monthly fee or for those that like the option of moving the cameras. Y

How would you use the Arlo?

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  • As much as I like the idea of a home monitor, we don’t have one-we have 4 large dogs. They make a great home security system!

  • That is so neat. I would love for us to have one . If only I have a budget for it right now, I’ll grab one right away. 🙂

  • Sometimes just knowing a home has a video security system deters home invasion. It’s a lot easier for the bad guys to go to a home that has no protection. I like the idea of checking on the cat’s room to be sure their food, water, and other needs are covered.

  • This home monitor system would be amazing to have indeed. I have three dogs and would love to know which one leads the others to mischief. I will have to share this with my sister and her husband because my nephew was abuse by daycare provider who broke his leg when he was three months old. Since this happened they will not bring him to a daycare anymore and has a sitter come in to watch him while they work. It would put their minds at ease to know what was going on with the baby while they both are at work. Thanks for sharing.

  • These sound like such a great way to monitor your home, I keep thinking about getting something to watch the front of ours as we had some trouble last year.

  • That looks great. we are looking for montors like this, especially when we are gone for a few years at a time.

  • Netgear products are always good & are of great quality. This looks like a great video monitoring device which is a much needed one for home these days. The product looks beautiful & compact as well.

  • Easy set up and no monthly fees. This sounds great for my second oldest. I bet he’d have an interest in it too.

  • I love the sleek design – looks very high end, but not intrusive in your home. Perfect for my tech-snob hubby!

  • My Dad would looooove this. He’s always wanted to have a system to watch the inside and outside of his home. We had one at one time, but it never did hook up right.

  • We just got cameras installed. It’s so convenient for when we’re out of town.

    This system sounds great! It covers more ground than ours.

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