Swollen feet and hot pink nail polish, natural style!

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Another day of natural living brought about more things to work through.  I actually welcome these issues now. It’s dare I say… fun?

Having to think through the products I’m used to using is a bit of a challenge, but it’s also a time to learn in a fun way. This learning is not the type of learning where you are cramming for a test, hoping you remember the spelling of a random word, {that you will never have to spell again, let alone use the rest of your life, just saying}.

Nope, this is the kind of learning that will actually impact your family and make their life better.  This my friends is the stuff they should have taught in school.

So back to yesterday. I needed to get a pedicure. Maybe needed is a strong word, but let’s just go with it.

I only go to one place where they know me and my “issues”. Did I ever share with you my pedicure issues?

Oh, they make getting a pedicure ten times better {not really} it all started with the blue stuff. You know that antiseptic they drop in the tub first thing while you soak your aching feet. Yeah, that stuff makes my feet swell, turn pink and look like they will fall off. Since I’m “known” at this shop it’s awesome that I don’t have to remind them not to drop the blue stuff in my tub.

Today was less exciting than the blue stuff incident of 2007 or was it 2008… I headed in and got to work with my pedicure. Then it came time for the nail polish. What the heck was I going to do? I didn’t prepare for that. Nail polish isn’t exactly natural, is it? Was this going to be one of the times when I go with the standard products? Everything in moderation right? The lovely nail technician must have seen the look of despair and confusion in my eyes and she took pity on me and asked what was wrong. I explained my situation and POW! she pulled out a little baggy with a bottle of super duper nail polish that was Eco-friendly, non-solvent and non-toxic. It was also hot pink. I’m kinda a red nail polish girl but it’s all about evolving right… I sucked it up and decided to be grateful I got color at all. She also hushed my fears and said I’m not the only one that requests a more natural nail polish. Shout out to my other natural peeps out there!

The only bummer part is that I didn’t get the name of the polish. I was so excited to get to wear polish {at that point I thought I was going to have to go bare} that I forgot to stop and get the name of the company. Lame! I have to say that the polish is really nice. It went on well and covered just as well. Also, no strong smell either! I’ll have to see how it holds up!

Here is a peek at my safer tootsies, they don’t look as pink as they are in the picture but believe me they are!


Emergency averted and another successful day towards a more natural life!

Now tell me… what’s your favorite nail polish? Natural or not…

Heather Reese
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