My Favorite Newborn Baby Moments

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I was just looking at pictures from when Emmy was born. The feelings came rolling back to me. It feels like yesterday and at the same time a lifetime ago. I’m sure that we all feel that way.

And then when I think back to when I became a mom for the first time. I really get mushy. There were so many special first time mom moments that make my heart swell with joy. The newborn phase is such an amazing time. Thank you so much to Dreft for partnering with me on this post so that I can reminisce about all these wonderful memories.

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One of my first favorite newborn moments was the Adrenaline rush I got right when my babies were first born.

With my older two I had c-sections and after the numbness wore off I wanted to get up and do something. I remember pushing the girls around and around in a big loop at the hospital. I wished I could have slept… but my brain was going 100 miles per hour! I was so excited and just couldn’t sit down. I thought for sure it was hormones…but when my littlest one joined our family via adoption, I had the same feeling. And to be totally honest, I am so thankful for that burst of energy because those first few days (weeks, months) are pretty exhausting, so I learned after the first to make the best of that initial energy!

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I also savored every single newborn snuggle I could.

In a blink of an eye they are big kids. I know that everyone tells you that, but it is so true. With Emmy, I knew she was going to be our last, so I took as many pictures as I could. I didn’t even correct the silly way she said words as early as with the other two. I just enjoyed being a mommy to a sweet little baby.

Another favorite thing for me about the newborn stage is all the milestones.

First bath, first smile, when they leave the hospital… there is so much to celebrate each and every single day.

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I even loved the baby prep time. I totally think that is part of the newborn stage too.

With Emmy we had less than a month to get “baby ready”. So I nested in high gear and had the time of my life doing so. I had waited years to be a mom again and I already knew what I could expect as far as those first few precious months. I didn’t want to spend a second of those days doing anything but enjoying our new family of 5. To do that I bought a crib, changing table, diaper bag, car seat and all the other things in one swoop online. Then I went into the local store to get the rest. One thing I placed in my cart immediately was Dreft Stage 1: Newborn Liquid Detergent. Babies are messy little things. You need all the help you can get and the last thing you want to do is have to worry about irritating their sensitive skin.

The thing that is my absolute favorite about the newborn stage is the love.

Seriously there is so much love everywhere with a newborn. It’s the feelings that dreams are made of. If it could be bottled up I would totally recommend doing it…so that you could take a whiff of it when your sweet baby draws on your new white couch…or when your teen no longer wants to hang out on Saturday mornings. Don’t ask me how I know.

What was your favorite newborn memory? Or what are you looking forward to the most?

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