Math Time Fun With Goldfish® Princess crackers

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We are sharing some fun after school math play with Goldfish® Princess crackers as part of a sponsored post. 

princess mathtime fun #GoldfishTales

This past year learning has taken a huge jump for the Little One.

Gone are the preschool days where it’s more about play time… now that she is in a mixed 1-6th grade class she actually wants to end playing early to keep on learning about more math and reading. We have been pretty good about reading a book each night before bed for reading practice and I’ve been trying to think of fun new ways to make math more fun too. Thankfully my middle daughter remembered her favorite way to learn math basics and that was with Goldfish®!

The girls all were educated in a Montessori manner which emphasizes hands on learning, so this was a perfect fit to how the little one is already learning at school… and then when we saw the new Goldfish Princess crackers we just knew the Little One would love this idea! She is the ultimate Princess fan… her whole room is decorated with princess EVERYTHING! Plus since Goldfish are one of her favorite kids snacks on the planet, we knew this would be a hit with her!

princess goldfish snacks after school #GoldfishTales

It’s all about the presentation for this one!

We set up a little princess table with Goldfish Princess crackers, her favorite ice water drink (we just add some lemon flavor to her water), a tiara, and a dress for her to put on. It was all waiting for her when she came home from school. She squealed when she saw everything set up because she knew she was in for some fun!

And there was a lot of fun that afternoon!

learning math with goldfish #GoldfishTales

Using the Goldfish we worked some math problems. She totally got it and loved snacking on any extras in each problem she solved!

I used plain pieces of paper to let her write out some of the problems herself (after I made the initial ones to show her how). I started by writing 14+10=___, and then we added 14 Goldfish under the number 14, and 10 Goldfish under then number 10, and then she added up the two piles to get the answer!

She was so proud of herself to be able to solve it all on her own!

You could easily use a dry erase board too… but the little one liked to keep the pages to look back on the problems she was able to solve. I even saw her later in the week going back and setting them up again to solve.

#GoldfishTales math time fun with kids

It would be fun to make some of these ahead of time in packs of 1’s -10’s (1+1, 1+2, etc,) and maybe even laminate them. Or you can buy some that are already pre made. That way you or your little ones can take them out on their own and use them over and over again!

If you have a Princess fan in your home I totally recommend using the Goldfish Princess crackers and a tiara to make it even more special.

#GoldfishTales how to use goldfish for fun snack time after school #GoldfishTales

There was some major math celebrations happening and some “please take my picture with this one because I did it all on my own” shenanigans happening too! I see a math “wall of fame” in our future too to hang all of the problems she solves, and I couldn’t be happier about it!

princess goldfish #GoldfishTales

What is your favorite learning tip?

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