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These days when you ask your friends how they met their spouse, it’s common for a lot of them to say it was online… and even more common to hear that it was on has played a very big role in the forming of my immediate extended family, so it’s even more special to me. Two of my close family members met their “match” on and both are either parents to a “Matchmade” baby or expecting one. Pretty cool right? is celebrating their 20th year anniversary and  {GET THIS —>) over 1 million match made babies with a scholarship contest where one Matchmade baby will win a $50,000 scholarship!

I wanted to learn more about and their Matchmade scholarship contest and Sam Yagan, CEO of was kind enough to answer some of my questions in the video below:

It was great hearing and seeing Sam’s enthusiasm. He really enjoys being a part of the creation of so many families and those 1 million plus matchmade babies! He’s also very excited about the MatchMade Scholarship Contest. 

Here are the details

The MatchMade Scholarship Contest is for children (and stepchildren) that were created from a Match relationship. Kids between the ages of 13 and who’s parents met or remarried through Match, 20 can submit a 1-2 minute short video that creatively tells their parents love story. Remember to get creative… it’s okay to make us laugh and cry because only the most creative and heartfelt video will win!

The Prize

One grand prize winner will receive $50,000 towards their first year of college, and their parents will win $5,000 towards a MatchMade Getaway!

More Details

This contest starts on May and ends on June 30th. To enter visit for full details. The top 10 videos will be chosen in July and on August 18th the finalists will be announced and then online voting starts! On September 1st the video with the highest number of video shares wins the grand prize!

Be sure to share this with all your friends with MatchMade babies and if you have MatchMade kids yourself make sure they enter too!

Do you know any MatchMade babies?


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  • What a fantastic program! I had never heard of this before, so I loved hearing about it.

  • Wow! I had no idea that was celebrating 20 years! I have 2 good friends who just met their special someone their. One just got married last year and the other is talking about marriage. 🙂

  • That is so neat that they are doing this for the kids. I know some parents that will be thrilled to have this for their kiddos.

  • I know a few match made babies, it is so common these days between my group of friends. This is such a great program!

  • Some people are so opposed to online dating and I just don’t understand why! Yes, it’s technically not the ‘traditional way’ but honestly what is now and days? As long as you meet someone that you can truly feel comfortable around, trust, and that loves and respects you unconditionally I say go for it 🙂

    I LOVE the concept of this scholarship! What a great way to give back!

  • I met my husband though online date site. We have been married for 12 years now and blessed with two kids. This is an amazing event and good luck to all participant who joins.

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