Making Travel Easier With The LeapPad3

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I received this product as part of a promotional program with LeapFrog and BSM Media.

Deep concentration happening here. So thankful to have her  here to entertain her while we wait for a jump start.  I can't remember ever having a dead battery before and  is making this experience so much better for my little one.

We’ve been back from our trip to Turks and Caicos for a little over a week now.

I want to tell you that we are all back to normal and that we are all unpacked {working on it, I promise!} but the reality is that we came back to school work for the girls and deadlines for Pete and I. One of the saving graces that has allowed us some extra quite moments to get through the backlog The Little One’s new LeapPad 3. Little sister is in love with it.

After a quick nap she is back in action!

I tried to take pictures of all the times she’s been using her new LeapPad 3.

I quickly realized that my whole cell phone would be filled with pictures of her using her LeapPad 3 though so I just snapped some highlight pictures. Pretty much the whole trip was either in the water or on her LeapPad 3. 

I totally understand why. the LeapPad is pretty awesome.

The older girls had LeapPad’s back in the day. I thought the older ones were pretty cool, but this new one is out of the world cool. It can take pictures, play games, help them learn to read and communicate with other LeapPad’s that are close by! We even saw some kids all “texting” each other at the airport via their LeapPads!

She is so tired... but she didn't want to go to sleep till she played 1 more time with her

Oh and it can also take Selfies. 

We now have about 8 million selfies stored on ours! 

leappad3 review

Here is a video of the Little One talking about her new LeapPad3. Truth is she was much more interested in playing with it than talking about it!

The new LeapPad3 would make an awesome gift this holiday season! 

Who do you think this would be a great gift for on your gift list?

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