Making My Home Healthy With Ology At Walgreens

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For almost 2 years now I have been working hard at making my home healthy and as free from chemicals as I can. One of the challenges is that the products we want to use in our home have to be bought at specialty stores and they can also be very expensive. The last time I was at Walgreens {I’m there all the time!} I saw Ology products and stopped to take a good look at them. The price was fantastic and since they are exclusively sold at Walgreens, they are very convenient for me to purchase!

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I zoomed through the store and bought a few Ology products tp try. I really like that they are free of 10 harmful chemicals. Also their paper products are 100% tree free! Still soft and strong though!



I found a little display of Ology right by the children’s medicines… since I was there for allergy medicine for my girls I think Walgreens was reading my mind!

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These two kiddos are the reason that I am detoxing our house and life. They both have sensitive bodies and I want to make and keep them as healthy as possible.  Eliminating chemicals in their everyday products is one of the easiest and most important things I can do to help keep them healthy.

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So far we’ve used the toilet paper, tissue paper, shampoo, conditioner, hand soap and the oatmeal and honey bar soap. Loved each of them. They all did the job the same or better than the conventional chemical filled ones. 

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  • I am such a sucker for when Walgreens puts those “bonus points” stickers on products! lol. But seriously I want to try the ology products the next time I go to Walgreens. We work hard to eliminate chemical filled products from our home. So these would be perfect for our family and they seem to be a lot more affordable than the brand we are currently using.

  • I have yet to figure out Walgreen’s new point system. Was so much easier when they just put in on sale…

  • I LOVE Ology products so much! I need to get more body soap and shampoo this week!

  • I haven’t tried Ology brand yet, but I want to. All of the products are things that would be staples in our house, especially the hand soap. LOL – we somehow go through a couple of bottles of hand soap every week!

  • I love Walgreens and these products. They are great on helping my home stay healthy… especially since I have two girls who have skin allergies.

  • I love Ology products. They work great for my kids who have allergy and asthma and are sensitive to some chemicals.

  • The oatmeal and honey bar soap looks great! Will have to try this next time we run to walgreens!

  • We are headed to Walgreens tonight. I am going to have to pick up some of this cleaner. I had never heard of tree free TP before.

  • How wonderful! Ology products sound amazing, definitely need to check them out when I pop into Walgreens! P.S. I love the view from your kitchen.. gorgeous!

  • We don’t make it to Walgreens often but it might be worth the trip to check out the Ology brand. I like the look for their packaging and it sounds like they could be budget and family friendly.

  • What a great view you have at your kitchen sink. This looks like a great family friendly product, thanks for sharing.

  • I haven’t tried the Ology brand before. I am in the process of turning my home as chemical free as possible. Just like you, I am in Walgreen’s frequently. It is amazing how so many products that we have been using for ages are full of harmful chemicals. I will be looking for the Ology label the next time I shop at Walgreen’s.

  • I love the Ology brand! I love that they are endorsed by Healthy Child Healthy World and have tree-free paper products.

  • My kids skin is really sensitive, too. It’s hard to find good options that aren’t way more expensive! I’ll check out Ology!

  • I haven’t tried this brand yet. I will have to check it out. By the way, love your view! Beautiful!

  • i really like the packaging of ology from walgreens!!i am making a trip there this week to grab a few things

  • I was noticing the view too. I’d wash my hands even longer if that’s what I could look at. I’m going to check this out next time in Walgreens, for sure!

  • I’ve never been to Walgreens so I haven’t seen it but I like the idea. You can tell by looking at it that it’s got less chemicals.

  • I love these healthier products! Makes me feel better to use them (and for my kids to use them)! #client

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