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Making Family Memories in Colorado Springs Day 4

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Hope you all had a wonderful holiday season. It finally feels like we are all back to normal again, doesn’t it? This time of year isn’t my favorite, but the memories of our trip to Colorado Springs is keeping me happy! I’m back today to share our last full day in the area and a bucket list adventure we took! Special thanks to Colorado Springs CVB for sponsoring this trip. 

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Our last morning in Colorado Springs started with this amazing view from our rooms at Garden of the Gods Collection. After the delicious breakfast at their restaurant the day before, we knew our last breakfast in the area had to be there.


Knowing that Maddie and I were vegan, they created this breakfast scramble for us. It was the best breakfast I have had in a very long time. They are also happy to offer gluten free offerings too!


The real star of the meal is the hash brown bake. Oh my, this is something I think about almost every morning. It was that good!

The coffee was also fantastic and you know that is a big deal to me and Pete.

After breakfast, we loaded into the car for an adventure of a lifetime. I say that in all seriousness because for me, it is a “one and done” thing to do. 


To get to Pikes Peak you go through the visitors center where you pay the entrance fee and they tell you how high you can go. Some days you can go to the top, and some days the top section, or even below that, is closed due to weather like wind and snow. Today it had just opened that morning after being closed for those reasons.


Pete took the drive up very slowly and carefully. He said it was to be safe, but I think he also didn’t want to miss any Big Foot sightings!




Over an hour later we made it to the very cold, very thin air top of Pikes Peak!


Once you get up here, you will find a store with world famous donuts, souvenirs, and an EMT or two! I’m not joking. The store is staffed with at least one EMT because the altitude is over 10,000 ft. the air is thinner so medical issues can arise. Emmy and I stumbled in looking for a restroom and were met by a very nice man asking if he could take our oxygen levels. I guess we looked a little less than optimal (aka we looked like we were about to be ill) and he wanted to make sure we were okay. He ended up taking the whole family’s levels and Em and I were the only ones that were low. Nothing dangerous, but we were feeling it!


Even though we were a little short of breath, it was SO WORTH IT to be able to see this view. 


Although we drove up, it still felt like a huge accomplishment to make it to the top. I can’t believe that there are races up there! I can only imagine what that would feel like!


If driving or racing isn’t your style, there is also a Cog Railway that is pretty epic all on its own!


The way back down features a brake heat check and another opportunity to stop and explore!



Another favorite spot on this adventure was the Mirror Lake Reservoir about halfway. We got out and stretched our legs and took a million pictures. It was so beautiful and we could hear animals running around in the background!




Sadly that was the last of our adventures in Colorado Springs and we had to head back home shortly after! 


We had such an amazing time in Colorado Springs and we can’t wait to go back. We are thinking a late summer/early fall visit is another time we need to experience in this really fun area!

Here is our video from Pikes Peak!

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Have you been to Pikes Peak?

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  • Awesome family time!!! I love traveling and adventures its so much fun seeing different things and what’s out there in the world. It also fun to take the kid, I don’t have any yet but when I do I want them to travel too and have adventures.

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