Make Your Home Smarter With HP Instant Ink

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As we are making our home smarter and working for us we are also working on teaching the girls how to incorporate technology into their daily lives to help make their lives better. The Little One enjoyed contributing to this sponsored post discussion with HP about the awesome new HP Instant Ink Service.

hp printer

I need my house to be as smart as possible to help me with the everyday tasks, so that I can spend more time doing the important things in life, like spending time with my family. One thing we started doing last year was to start using a printer that orders it's own ink! Pretty cool right? Here is a recap after using it for a few months…

 instant ink hp

The printer is still working out fabulously.

We haven't had to get new ink for it yet… but seeing as though the heavy printing season is just about here for us I'm excited to know that it's one less thing I'll have to worry about. The little one's Chrome Book was able to connect to the HP Printer easily and she even made her own Valentine's Day cards for her friends! 

hp envy printer

After the last post I wrote about HP Instant Ink I received a few questions about how the service works.

It's really simple. Having your printer order it's own ink before you even remember that you are getting low on ink was a thing of the future, but it's here now! When you set up the printer it's like the regular way you would do it… and then you can sign up for the “Instant Ink” service. There are different plans at different price points depending on how much ink you use.

hp envy with auto ink refills

Once your printer starts to run low and your printer is connected to the WiFi, you will get a shipment automatically of ink as needed. That's it. 

Gone are the days when the kids would print a million things on the printer and I would be surprised when we are out of ink. Not going to happen anymore!

What else do you wish you could automate in your life?

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  1. Technology is super important to teach our kids. It;s almost like being illiterate if you don’t know how to use a computer.

  2. Although they didn’t have this until recently I really could have used this when I was doing all those college papers and again when I had several bookkeeping clients I did in my apartment. I would always run out of ink at the worst possible moment! Now–if they could automate cat food and pick the flavors they think she MIGHT like (which is constantly changing) it would be heaven!

  3. That’s very cool that it will automatically hook you up with your refills. It’s amazing how fast technology changes and becomes easier.

  4. Seriously genius! I always forget to order more ink and I remember at the worst times – like when my kids need to print something for school. This is awesome!

  5. How cool that it orders its own ink! I always forget to buy ink, and before I know it we are completely out and in desperate need to print something LOL! I have always been a fan of HP. My daughter and I both own HP laptops!

  6. I would love it if the laundry can do itself. Technology is getting close because we were looking for a new washer a month ago, we discovered that they make a 2 in 1 machine. It will wash and dry without you having to move it. 🙂

  7. Love our HP printer and the instant ink program has made things much easier for us. I do a lot of printing… and so does my husband… and the kids have their HP printables. So keeping up with low ink is always a problem. This program has given me one less thing to worry about.

  8. What a great printer. I always find ordering ink falls to the bottom of my “to do list”. It would be so great to have it ordered automatically before I’ve even realized we’re running low on ink.

  9. So yes, I definitely need a printer that orders it’s own ink. Any change HP is coming up with a dryer that folds it’s own laundry?? No??

  10. This is really awesome! I have not heard about this until now. It would definitely makes things so much easier as many timed we don’t remember to order new ink until it is almost dry.

  11. Sounds great. HP products are usually of great quality & of great standards. The printer looks very compact & easy to use as well. I love that we don’t have to worry about the Ink issues any more. My kids are going to love it.

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