Breakfast at Main Street Cafe, Fallbrook

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We decided to do a quick surprise review of a local favorite that just reopened this past week. It was actually my daughter’s idea and I’m glad she thought of it. Most of my restaurant reviews are not a surprise. The restaurant normally invites us and our meals are comped. Main Street Cafe had no idea we were coming and did not know I was going to write this review…

Many years ago we would go to Main Street Cafe {It was called Wayside Cafe back then} at least once a week for a quick and very filling breakfast. At one point it was a 3-minute drive to get there, but now it’s closer to 20+ minutes with no traffic. Our visits became less frequent and then pretty much stopped completely. The restaurant changed hands and was sold a couple of times and it just didn’t have the same feel that it used to.

That all changed recently… it’s back in a big way!


Isn’t this porch waiting area cool? I have great memories of the two older girls climbing all over the seats. I love how the restaurant feels like an old western movie!

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This is just a quick peak at the menu. There was more to it. It’s very extensive and will make every hearty breakfast eater happy. It’s also fun to read! I enjoyed how they labeled the section… “Chicken Coop”, “Wrap it Up”, etc.!


The most basic and important part of the restaurant experience is by far the drinks. See the big water in the cute jar like cup… it was always full! The hot chocolate got 2 thumbs up from my daughter!


The food. Oh my! There was enough to feel 50 of us. This is a cheese omelet with hash browns and a biscuit with sausage gravy. I thought it was strange when my daughter ordered the biscuit with gravy since we don’t eat meat… but she assured me there was a reason. When it was served she told me that it would make for a good picture and that everyone there seemed to be ordering {and loving it} so we had to talk about it. We both took a bite of the biscuit area that didn’t have any gravy and it was really good. Tasted fresh and homemade. You could taste all the ingredients, which is how they should tastes. Over working the dough can ruin them and these were worked to perfection.


I had the veggie skillet with home style potatoes topped with avocado. The eggs were perfectly cooked and there was plenty of cheese on top. The food was all served pipping hot and very quickly. So quickly that my potatoes could have used a few more minutes cooking. They were a tad raw… but the meal was still a very good one in my eyes. 

We got there before 9 am. on a weekday. After 9 am it really started to fill up and get busy. Everyone that works there was very happy and helpful and the drinks were refilled without asking. 

This is the point when I would tell you a bit more about the business and all that jazz, but because this was a surprise review I’ve got nothing and that’s okay. It’s nice to sometimes just see what a regular trip to a restaurant looks like without them knowing you will be sharing your experience with 4 million of your closest friends.


If you find yourself in Downtown Fallbrook be sure to stop in at Main Street Cafe, 507 S. Main Ave Suite C, Fallbrook CA. 92028.

What is your favorite breakfast food?

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  • AHHH!!! I am from Fallbrook originally and found your blog by stumbling down the rabbit hole of travel reviews…when I saw you reviewed Pala Mesa and Main Street, I just about died! 🙂

    Happy travels!

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