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King’s Creek Plantation, Williamsburg Review

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kings creek plantation williamsburg family resort

It feels like we were just in the Greater Williamsburg area, and yet it was two weeks ago already. This year is flying by! We packed a lot into this trip, like we do most places we visit. Williamsburg is such a big area and I think most people think like I did….that Williamsburg is mostly Colonial Williamsburg… and it is far from it. I feel like Colonial Williamsburg is the most known attraction here, and it is pretty spectacular, but there is so much more to see and do! I’ve shared our full guide for what to do in the Great Williamsburg area here… but, I’m also really excited to share where we stayed, and why our  travel partner, Kings Creek Plantation made the perfect place for us, since it was so close to everything!

the estates

Our home away from home for these three days was in the Estates section of King’s Creek Plantation where we had two bedrooms, a balcony, a family room, full kitchen and dining room, washer and drier and 2 1/2 baths. It was perfect for our family and quite luxurious. Our accommodations backed right up to the forest and I was able to enjoy my morning coffee on the balcony.  You all know that my morning coffee + balcony = extremely happy me so I was on cloud nine! We also kept our window open at night, and I was able to listen to a rain storm pass through one evening. Pete has been living in California long enough now to appreciate the rain again, but he still doesn’t love it as much as I do. I didn’t want to fall asleep because the sound of the water dropping on the leaves in the forest is one of my favorite things to listen too. Well, that and baby giggles, but that would be strange to listen to at night right?

kings creek plantation

There is also a Target about 5 minutes away so we did some grocery shopping for the kitchen to make some of our own meals. We love to try new restaurants when we are traveling, but it is also nice to have some favorites to snack on.

kings creek plantation kitchens

The kitchens are fully stocked with pots and pans and everything else you could need, in fact, they even have extras for you to borrow, like more bowls or cookie sheets. 

kings creek plantation 2 bedroom

The girls all used the table to keep up with school work too along with snacking and meals.

guest bathroom

Traveling with a family of five isn’t any different until it comes to bedrooms and bathrooms. We have learned that to keep everyone happy we need at least two of each. That definitely goes with luxury travel and not budget, but there seems to be more and more options available especially with larger suites like this one. 

kings creek plantation review

The set up here was perfect upstairs too. This is the girls room. 

kids bathroom

And their bathroom…. If you have little ones who need to use a bathtub, you will be happy to see that they have one in the second bedroom for the kids to use.

kings creek estates

This was our bedroom…




and huge Jacuzzi bathtub. 

washer dryer

Another feature that we love, and look for, is having our own washer and dryer. Especially on vacations when we will be at the beach or swimming. This was a longer time away from home, and I had to leave six hours after we got back home from this trip.  So, I was so thankful that we could have clean clothes when we got home.

family resorts williamsburg

Here is our awesome balcony and my morning coffee. It was so relaxing out here…



There are also BBQ’s throughout the resort, so that you can have a cookout. I would imagine that this would be great for multi-generational vacationers to have get togethers at night over dinner.


King’s Creek Plantation is actually quite large and has two other sections, The Cottages, and The Townes. In between them are pools, playgrounds, a club house, an indoor pool and more! Plus, they have activities all day for both adults and children.


Miniature golf…

miniature golf

A great fitness room…

fitness center

indoor water

outdoor pool

Arts and crafts room…

craft room

Teen area…

game room

Tennis courts… 

tennis court

We had such a great stay! We met a lot of other guests staying there that have been returning year after year. Most of them like it so much that they have even bought time shares there.  I completely agree with them. King’s Creek Plantation is a really special place!

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  • What an amazing place to visit with a family! I love the idea of seeing such beauty and history mixed together….I would be at such peace there!

  • I love the Williamsburg area. It is so beautiful and there is so much history to see. King’s Creek looks like the ideal spot for a family to stay and enjoy the area.

  • It’s always such a challenge for me to find great accommodations for my husband, me and the stepkids! I know because I just went through it trying to find a hotel suite that wasn’t over $1200 a night for two bedrooms in NYC, geeze. These are just beautiful and so comfortable looking. We’ll have to look into Williamsburg sometime!

  • That sounds like a great place to stay! If I am ever in the area, I will keep this in mind.

  • I love how peaceful the whole place is, you get to enjoy the quiet while sipping your morning coffee. That’s one of the most relaxing things to do when you’re away from home. This place is awesome, it’s perfect for large families too.

  • What a nice-looking place! It has that look where you’d think the one who built this place has all that thoughts about making the most comfortable, natural and modern place ever. For Kings indeed!

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  • Places like this are perfect for families – you can always use the extra rooms in the place for the kids, and adults can have separate rooms too. King’s Creek Plantation looks lovely!

  • The place is so awesome. I want to stay here like forever. Home comfy right there. And I love the washer and dryer , so much time to be saved.

    • Did I mention that my son would love to see these pools and the playground is a sure hit to him!

  • Wow! This place is amazing! I am definitely going to look into staying there. Perfect for kids!

  • This looks like an amazing place to stay. I love the clean modern look of everything. I love the pool and the teen area. I know my son would love hanging out there.

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  • Wow what a beautiful place to relax with your family! Thank you for sharing! We are from Hagerstown, MD and adore this entire area. Staycationing on the east coast is such an easy thing to do!

    Great pics, can’t wait to check this place out!

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