Luxury Bahia Principe Akumal Family Review

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 Ready for part 3 of our amazing vacation to Riviera Maya and our stay with our travel partner, Grand Bahia Principe? Here you go…

So this morning was pretty spectacular and I knew it would be when I woke up to the sun shining in over my room service coffee and pastries. The delivery person was so sweet. When he saw that we had just ordered coffee, he said he just couldn’t show up without any tasty treats so he picked some up for us to enjoy.

Of course, I had already planned my breakfast the day before. I loved the Mexican food here and had my eyes on it and the fresh fruit.

After breakfast, we headed to the pool at Luxury Bahia Principe Akumal.

We resort hopped while we were there to get a feel for all three of the family-friendly resorts, and then the adults went to the adults-only resort to walk around a bit too.  Akumal is ocean front while the other ones are set back more within the jungle forest. To us, Akumal was a bit more luxurious while still very family-friendly and great for kids of all ages. The younger kiddos would be very happy at all the resorts, but Grand Bahia Principe Coba has a water park and might be an extra draw for those that want to be able to walk right out of their room to the water fun.

We had an upgraded option that allowed us access to all the resorts and we used it to explore. I could see really enjoying this option if we were there for a longer time too.

I absolutely loved the pool area.

There were plenty of chairs with umbrellas that I relaxed on while Em swam her heart out!

And then there was the walk-up bars.

This was the place to be with the beach to the right and the pool to the left. Each pool area had bars and there were always places to grab a drink.

After a couple of beverages, we headed down to the beach area.

Each separate resort has a beach area and there were places for adults only and for families.

Something that was extra special about this area is that they have created a bay that is perfect for swimming and cooling off. Like Florida, Mexico is also experiencing red tide issues with an overabundance of seaweed, but it didn’t affect us at all. They have a team of people removing any of the seaweed that makes it through their nets. We barely saw any of it because of their dedication to blocking it with nets and also the raking that they do. Because of that, there is a truly beautiful and swimmable beach area. There were also no waves so it was super mellow!

There is a bar right on the beach too!

This *might* be our absolute favorite one on the whole resort… and that is saying a lot.  

I also fell in love with the colors at this pool. The cool whites against the deep blues were mesmerizing and totally matched the beach. Side note- be better than we were with bug spray. There are mosquitoes and they found the girls extra tempting. 

We decided to get a good walk in before dinner because we knew that this dinner would be an epic feast! We didn’t take any exact route but just kept on walking.

We saw Coatis which are in the raccoon family. To us, they felt like a mix of a raccoon and a monkey though. They are cute little things.

Right before dinner, we hired one of the resort photographers to take our pictures.

This was something we plan on doing on our trips now because having pictures with all of us in them is pretty awesome. This time we got the idea because it was our first ever friends vacation and we wanted to capture these memories. We chose this time to catch the beautiful sunset colors in the sky and because we had booked the special pirate night dinner party.

This was so much fun.

It started with some pirate garb, special drinks and then moved into dancing and a pirate show.

Our food was served on huge wood platters and there was so much food… but this was the show stopper of the night.

They brought us out a treasure chest made from solid chocolate and filled with so much sweetness!

This whole vacation was really a dream.

I can’t even explain how awesome it was to visit this super fun resort and get to experience it with good friends. Cancun and the Riviera Maya area are such a good choice for meeting with friends and family who live in different areas because it is central to all. We also love the non-stop flights.

Our go-to travel partner, Olympus Tours handled another perfect Cancun resort to airport ride for us. We can’t recommend them enough. We’ve used them over and over again to get us between resorts and to and from the airport and we have had an excellent experience each time. If you are looking for a driver or tour in Mexico… we highly recommend Olympus Tours!

Mexico is such a magical place, and we can’t want to visit again soon!

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