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Luxury All-Inclusive Resort Riviera Nayarit Grand Velas Day 4

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Day four of our family vacation to Riviera Nayarit at Grand Velas Riviera Nayarit was AMAZING! We hope you enjoy these reviews and of course, special thanks to Velas Resorts for hosting us.

The girls woke up here. (insert heart eye emoji). The family suite is so spacious and we felt like we had more than enough space for all of us, and then some. The decor itself has a great coastal luxury feel and is so relaxing.

I didn't realize how much I would love having this hot tub on our private balcony until we used it every day and came home and didn't have one. There is just something about going in the hot tub right before bed… I slept better than I have in years!

We had an early first breakfast of coffee and juice for Pete and I and fruit platters for the girls. Then we headed out to enjoy the sunrise on the beach. I say first breakfast because after that we had a proper one at the restaurant overlooking the beach, Azul.

We walked up and down the beach, stopping to take pictures and for Emmy to go running in and out of the water. 

But the best part was seeing these little guys. Baby Turtles!

It was magical. A conservationist explained the proper way to return them to the water so we carefully brought them back to the water and wished them luck on their grand adventure!

I wish we could start every single day like this.

I loved being able to take in the salt air, connect with the girls and Pete, and just get some exercise. With all the amazing food we were enjoying, that was probably a very good idea… although the resort has more healthy options than I've ever seen before.

This guy or gal above was also a favorite.

To naturally keep the birds away from your meals while relaxing outside, the beautiful falcon flies high above to scare them off before returning to his handler. 

We spent the morning exploring and relaxing…

The girls all went to the kid's and teen's clubs too.

We all met back together for lunch.

More pictures of the fine dining:

I couldn't leave out this beautiful peacock.

We saw two of them wandering the resort. It seems they love living here just as much as we love visiting.

As soon as I saw this spot, I told Pete I wished we had never been married… so that we could do it here. Right at sunset. I'm totally not joking. It took my breath away. IF you are thinking of renewing your vows or are looking for the perfect wedding and honeymoon location. This is it!

Day four was one for the record books. I was left in that happy sleepy/refreshed state of mind. I was sleepy from all the fun and yet so refreshed from all the pampering! 

Final note- We need to go back ASAP!

Question: What do you look for in a resort?

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