Luggage Free Added More “Vacation” To Our Vacation

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Last month when we were in Wisconsin, we had a really cool boost to our vacation by using our partner, Luggage Free to send our luggage back home at the end of our trip. 

One of the things I dread the most about traveling is the luggage situation. What ends up happening is that I become a pack mule with a backpack on my back and one of my front. I have Emmy’s hand in one of mine and the other is pushing at least two carry-on size suitcases. It looks even more ridiculous than it sounds and it takes some of the fun away from traveling. On the way to vacation, I don’t mind it as much because I’m so excited to get there, but on the way back it’s a real drag. Quite literally!

But memories like these make it all worthwhile. 




But what if going home could be made easier? What if you didn’t have to worry about lugging your luggage through the airport? What if you just left it at the hotel and it not-so-magically, but still kind of magically, showed up at home the next day? 

That actually happened to us thanks to Luggage Free! 

Here is how it works. Before your vacation, you book online with Luggage Free to pick up your luggage and deliver it back home. It takes less than five minutes to arrange everything. They arrange for the delivery of special tags that you attach to your luggage when we are ready to head home. A professional courier then comes to your hotel at an agreed-upon time and picks up your luggage. We traveled home late on a Sunday so we ended up leaving our luggage with the front desk of the hotel and it was picked up the next day and delivered to us the day after.  Our bags were in perfect condition and wrapped in plastic for extra care.


This is what our luggage looked like when we left the hotel. The green tags are our own and the white ones are the ones we added to identify them. It was so easy and it was even nicer just walking through the airport without all the luggage. We breezed through security and I didn’t have to spend the time constantly counting children and bags to make sure we didn’t lose either along the way!

Here is our video sharing all about going home without lugging luggage!

Luggage Free can also be used for both ways, going to and from vacation, or just one way and the pricing is dependent on where you are going, the weight of your luggage, how quickly you need it, and also the size of the luggage (like golf clubs etc.)  I imagined that a service like this would be very expensive, but I was completely wrong. It is very reasonable.

My only regret is not having Luggage Free when the girls were younger. I can only imagine how much of a sanity saver this would be for those with real little children. When Maddie was one, we traveled to Pennsylvania to see Pete’s family, and we were both a ball of stress traveling with a baby while loaded down with bags. I loved using Luggage Free now, and I can only imagine how much I would have loved to use it then. Another great use for it is for those that are aging (aren’t we all) or mobility impaired. This could make a dramatic difference in their travel experience.

What is your least favorite part of traveling? 

Heather Reese
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