Los Cabos Family Luxury Resort Review Grand Velas Day 3

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coffee in the morning

Day three started with coffee of course! 

Since it was our last full day at our travel partner Grand Velas Los Cabos, we didn't waste a moment! We got up early and tried to do as many things as possible and a lot of nothing in the form of pure relaxation. Of course, even doing “nothing” here is still a treat!

beach area grand velas los cabos

We had breakfast, hung out at the beach, and then it was already lunch time. The time just flies by!

velas resorts cabo

cabo luxury hotel

Lunch was in a new spot, Velas 10! 

Velas 10 is the steak and seafood restaurant in the evenings and it is also open at times for lunch. This was our absolute favorite dining place. The view of the ocean from here was breathtaking and it reminded me of  Southern California, with the rocky beach area, but the color of the water was beyond anything we see here in SoCal. 

best lunch in los cabos

water in cabo

We had chips and guacamole with salsa and queso to start. 

best all-inclusive food in cabo

Followed by sushi…


And pasta…

food for kids grand velas cabo


Ashley also had the freshest tasting quinoa salad. 


If we had to pick one dish that really jumped out at us, I would want to say this simple pasta dish did. However, in reality, everything we ate here was phenomenal. From the presentation to the creativity of the meals served and then, of course, the flavor. Everything was like eating at a fine dining restaurant.


There is something about the sound of the waves here that keeps you in a full on vacation state of mind. Total relaxation is felt by all and Emmy asked to go to the top deck area for a little siesta. 


She rebounded quickly and was ready for some time at the pool!

family pool

I still love how the pool area is set up, with different pools for adults, families, and children. This way everyone has a great time. The top pool tier is for children, but it was mostly families together. It was also the warmest pool and had a swim up bar.

The mid-level is the family pool and had a jacuzzi. The lower level is the adult pool area and it was closest to the ocean. The lowest level has a swim up bar as well!

The service in the entire pool area could not be compared to anywhere else. There were at least 2 servers to every guest there and they again thought of everything, long before we even thought of it. Ice cold bottles waters were replenished constantly and drinks and food were offered non-stop with quick service. The chairs are ready and waiting for everyone and are set up for you. The only thing you need to do is enjoy yourself!

swimming in cabo

I've been asked about the quality here at Grand Velas Los Cabos when it comes to the drinks too. I already shared how wonderful the food is, and the drinks are in line with what you would expect at a fine luxury resort. Everything is done with top of the line ingredients and it shows. Each restaurant even has a signature drink that features creative plays on the themes of the food being served and compliments it. 

Knowing this was our last full day by the pool we tried a few different drinks.

swim up bars

Emmy opted for sparkling water with a twist of lime. On the rocks of course!


Pete and I had a strawberry daiquiri and a Piña colada… we didn't, however, get caught in any rain. Sorry, I just had to go there. Does anyone else get caught up in that song when they think of Pina Coladas or just me?


The girls had non-alcoholic versions too! 


We ended our day with some pictures on the beach and then dinner at Frida

beach photos

We had dinner again at sunset so I only have a few pictures before the sun set for the night.


Our table was situated for a perfect view of the ocean, actually, they all are and our special tasting menu was such a nice surprise! 


My favorite from the night was the mango “egg” and the coolest appetizer ever. There was no actual egg involved but a kitchen fusion trick that created this masterpiece. The rest of the meal was equally enjoyable! 

After dinner, we headed back to our suites and settled in for the night. 


Here are our Instagram Stories of our day!

The next morning we woke up early to enjoy the resort before we headed home. I'll be sharing more about that in the coming days.

Do you travel as a family too?

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