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Living my life to the fullest, or “Totally In” is my goal for this year. I’m dedicated to taking all steps to make this happen and I’m so happy to partner with Zicam® Total Immune on this post.

zicam total immune

Who has time to let anything slow them down?

Not me! That’s for sure. We are just getting to our busy travel time of the year… plus cold season is upon us, so I’m doing all I can to be my best and to live “totally in”.

I’m drinking more water, I’m getting more sleep, and I’m eating better.

I’ve also added taking Zicam® Total Immune + Digestive Health Berry Crystals and Zicam® Total Immune + Performance Support Orange Burst Melts to my routine.

Staying “Totally In” means that I’m taking care of myself so that I don’t miss any moments in life that matter.

From running around and playing with Emmy, to exploring new places with Maddie, and staying physically fit with Ashley. I want to feel my best so that I never miss any of this. Having a healthy immune system is my go to first line step to accomplish this.

zicam immune support

Now that I’m exercising more, I’ve found that I need a little extra nudge in the energy department to stay on track with my fitness goals. I’ve started taking Zicam® Total Immune + Performance Support Orange Burst Melts. They are formulated with B Vitamins to support energy by converting food into fuel. These melts dissolve right in your mouth and are really delicious, so they feel less like a dietary supplement and more like a treat! 

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Many people don’t realize this, but immunity function actually starts in the gut.

Aside from eating the right foods, pro-biotics are just as important. Zicam® Total Immune + Digestive Health Berry Crystals has pro-biotics with live active cultures that are so important for your digestive health. This one is fun to take! You can take it right from the packet (kind of like a pixie stick) or you can throw it in a water bottle, give it a little shake, and you’re good to go!

zicam melts

Convenience, I’ve learned, is a big key to me keeping up with healthy habits. I really look for products that work for my busy lifestyle and Zicam® Total Immune is an easy and convenient way to support my immune system on the go.


How are you living “Totally In”?

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Zicam® Total Immune.

Heather Reese
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Heather Delaney Reese is the storyteller and photographer behind the lifestyle and family travel blog, It's a Lovely Life®! For the past decade, she has vacationed over 150 days a year with her family. She is a vegan, and loves being by the water, spending time with her children, husband, 2 Shih Tzus and Cat.


  • I had no idea Zicam made a product like this! We love Zicam products! I’ll have to grab some of this the next time I’m out. Thanks for sharing!

  • This sounds like a great product that I need to try. I struggle staying healthy this time of year.

  • I could really use this. I travel I didn’t get run down quite a bit. This would be something that could easily boost my system without having to do a lot of extra stuff.

  • I have never seen zicam products here in Canada before. I could totally use it though…with school and work I just don’t seem to be getting enough sleep or eating properly and I am getting run down.

  • I have seen these products before but never tried them. I could definitely use an immune boost because being sick keeps me from living “totally in” during cold season.

  • I most certainly need to get these. I have 3 kids in school and they are like little incubators. No time for mommies to get sick!

  • My friend told me about Zicam a few weeks ago. Thankfully…as my kids got sick and I took zicam immediately and although I did get a cold, it was not nearly as bad as what the kiddos had.

  • I’d heard of Zicam before but I didn’t know there was such a convenient option for taking it! I definitely need to tuck a few of these in my purse and suitcase for travel! Right now living ‘totally in’ means trying as many new things as possible!

  • UGH, where was this post three weeks ago? That is when I came down with bronchitis and I have been struggling with that or a cold ever since. I am doing everything in my power to nip this thing in the bud and then I am going on the offense … my defense isn’t that strong lol

  • I need to try the Zicam® Total Immune + Digestive Health Berry Crystals . It sounds like a delicious way to boost your immune system. I will have to pick some up to try.

  • My immun system needs a major kick in the right direction! Sounds like Zicam is calling my name.

  • One of my kids just got sick today! It’s no fun dealing with a sick kid!

  • It is so true that our immune system starts in our guts. I like the idea of just drink something to keep my immune system right so I will have to try these Zicam Total Immue crystals. Thanks for sharing this awesome product.

  • I didn’t know a lot of this! And it’s really great that Zicam has a product like this to help support the immune system. Will have to look into it more!

  • I’m not sure we have this in Canada but i’m going to search and see. Looks like something that could totally be useful for our family.

  • I love that you are taking the time to take care of yourself. It is easy to take the time to take care of those around us but we don’t always take the time for ourselves. Good job!

  • Its great starting out healthy and on track. But for those unfortunate to be down a bit, this is the product to get them back on schedule and up ‘n running again! Thank you for sharing this, its always good to have extra immune support!

  • Supporting your immune system is so important year round but especially during the winter. I like this as an option to help keep things on an even keel – or restore balance when necessary.

  • These are great products! I need to take probiotics daily and totally believe that gut health is very important. After having my gallbladder removed, I have a lot of stomach issues and need to be careful with what I but in my body.

  • I never try this but it looks like a great product and a healthy drink for us. I want to try this

  • I can attest to the fact that probiotics are indeed good for the health. It keeps the harmful bacteria in our gut in check so we effectively break down the food we eat and absorb the nutrients better. I have been using a different brand, but I will surely try Zicam!

  • So I have never heard of Zicam® Total Immune + Digestive Health Berry Crystals and Zicam® Total Immune + Performance Support Orange Burst Melts, but I’m glad to know more about them through your post. Will definitely give them a try! Thanks for sharing!

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