Let’s Talk Bras! {Embarrassing Personal Story}

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Yesterday I did a good look in the mirror. Do you all ever do those? You know where you notice things that could use a little attention? Nothing to make you sad, actually quite the opposite! Things that you can easily control and make better.

The first thing I noticed was that a couple {2 things to be exact} were not quite as high as they should be. This is a family friendly blog and I’m kinda shy about this stuff so I’m using code words. I *think* you all know what I’m talking about LOL!

So I told my husband that we needed to head to the mall. It was an emergency. Being the awesome guy he is and dad of 3 girls… he doesn’t question emergencies. He grabs the keys and gets the car ready.

Off to the mall, we went.

I made a B-line for Victoria’s Secret.

My 10 year old offered to go in with me. Bless her heart. She had NO idea what she was in for!

We were immediately greeted by like 5 eager boob measure-ers. It was exciting {not}. But I was on a mission and knew what needed to get done.

We headed towards the back and I was measured. Let me stop here for a second.

I WAS MEASURED! I survived being measured.

I casually told the lady I was a 36C and have been for years {except when lactating or pregnant, then I’m a 36Z {slight exageration}.

She nodded and gave me a slight smile.

Then she handed me a little card that said 32DD or 34D.


I mentioned that I was there because things were not high enough… a bigger cup size would make this worse! She smiled again and said, “just try these sizes and we can always adjust”.

So off I went. I like to follow directions. I’m a people pleaser after all.

Into the dressing rooms, we went. I was met by another very nice lady who gave me lots of bras to try on and helped me narrow down the perfect size {34D}. Then it was time to pick the style.

She asked what my ideal bra would be like. I said something like “I don’t want to lean over when helping in my daughters’ classes and flash all the kids”.  “Oh, full coverage,” she said.

Then I got the bright idea to show her my current bra. The one I wore into the store.

I leaned over and said that this was the last bra I bought and I loved it. Could I just get another one of these?

She reached out and looked at the label.

“Well,” she says… “hmmm…. gosh,  we haven’t sold these in over {starts counting in her head} 5 YEARS!”

I about died right then and there.

I muttered something about how I don’t fix what isn’t broken and maybe there was a mistake in dates or that maybe I forgot and this was one of my old ones…

Then I just said okay, what do you have that is similar?

And then I hung my head low and picked a bra and paid.

The sweet lady recommended that a fitting be done every 6 months. I think that’s a little excessive, but then again I haven’t been fitted in 5 years so maybe you should listen to the pro’s on this one.

If I look back on the past 5 years I missed a bunch of times I should have been fitted. I was pregnant a bunch of times. I don’t know about you, but one of the first signs for me is changes in chest size. I also gained some weight and lost some weight. I’m also older than I was 5 years ago and that changes things. Trust me… it really changes things!

At Victoria’s Secret fittings are FREE! What I did was buy a bra in the size and style that I liked and now I’m going to stalk their online store and wait for an awesome sale and buy some more.

Don’t be a Heather. Go get yourself fitted for a new bra!

Question: Honestly, when was the last time you were fitted or bought a new bra?

PS. This is NOT a sponsored post in any way. AS far as I know, Victoria’s Secret doesn’t know me… I just like their bras.


Heather Reese
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Heather Delaney Reese is the storyteller and photographer behind the lifestyle and family travel blog, It's a Lovely Life®! For the past decade, she has vacationed over 150 days a year with her family. She is a vegan, and loves being by the water, spending time with her children, husband, 2 Shih Tzus and Cat.


  • My bra size at the moment is a 30GG. Before that I thought I was a 34D, but after visiting England, being fitted, and trying on a 30GG… it was amazing. I was supported and not swinging everywhere. My chest is much more shapely. MOST women don’t know how to figure out their bra size…

    Which unfortunately includes most of the ladies at Victoria’s Secret. Their goal is sales and a lot of their bra sizes just don’t go high enough. Last time I was fitted there, about a year ago just to see what they’d say, they said I was a 36C! I tried on a bra and showed her that my nipples barely fit in the cup and I was oozing out of the bottom and she looked at me, puzzled, unsure of what to do next except suggest I try a bigger cup size.

    So, while I think Victoria’s Secret bras are adorable I’m forced to order online from overseas. 🙁 Sigh.

    • Akk! That’s not good at all Kirsten! I can totally see how that could happen there. They don’t have a big selection of sizes so if you are outside their sizes it’s a no-go! I’ve heard that Lane Bryant has some good ones if you are more “blessed” in the chest area…

  • My realization that I wasn’t wearing the right size came thanks to my Mom. She took me to a lady who did custom bras. I was measured & “placed” into a bra…she moved them around, took the bra off & went to stitching. I am a 38H, and mind you, I am due for another fitting. I found a local shop that is wonderful & specializes in special bras. You never know how important a really good fitting bra is until you get one!

    • Kimberly that is awesome! I didn’t even know there were places where you can get a true custom bra! That is too cool! I bet that’s especially important for those that have back pain and such! The right bra can change everything from looks to comfort!

  • It has been way too long for me ! I actually told my hubby and my daughter I wanted bras for Christmas last year, and bless their hearts, they bought them for me. I think I got 5 bras, and I can’t wear a single one of them. I guess I need to be more specific and ask for a gift card next time 🙂

    • Oh no Pam!!! It’s totally the thought that counts though… right? How sweet of them to actually listen and get you what you wanted! I agree, the gift card might be better next year 🙂

  • Now I’m really curious what a fitting would yield me. I’m not larger. My best guess is b or b and a half for cup size, since I have veered into wearing c cup bras at times. Sometimes they barely line me or fit just right depending on the bra. Sometimes I go for b, which fit great with a stretch bra, but I have one that is a push up and pinches a teensy bit of boob. I still think I’m a b cup, with a 40 band size. I wonder of victoria secrets carries that size. I’m wearing mostly 38 b’s right now from walmart. I’ve also tried the full coverage bras in b cup and they are wrinkly as I’m not dense enough to fill them out. I really wonder if they sell 40 a full coverage. The a cup in the push up style dont work for me so i still think im a b, but honestly now im confused. lol

    • LOL! Cynthia! It is confusing! There are so many styles too that fit so differently that even after you find your size you still have to pick the right fit! I would think that VS would carry your size… there are so many other places that do sizing too, like JC Penny’s! Give it a try next time you are out at the mall 🙂

  • I’m certain I’m some strange non-existent size. :/ My mom does fittings at JCP, but can you believe I’ve never been fitted?!? Maybe guess work isn’t a good thing, just judging by what you thought you wore and what you ended up with. I just can’t be bothered!

    • Lianne! You have no excuse! Have your mom size you! Seriously I love my new bras… my clothes look so much better and it’s more comfy! You like comfy right? LOL!

      • Well… I think I’d feel more comfortable just having a stranger do it. That said – I’m quite intrigued by your results and comfort would be nice right now. I’ll certainly put some thought into it. 😉

  • I’ve not had good luck being measured at VS and I’m a standard size. I was around a 34 B last time I was there, before my last pregnancy. Three different girls measured me and brought in half a dozen bras. All had the same number/cup size for me and NONE of the bras would even clasp on the loosest setting. I ended up thanking them for trying and just grabbed a selection of sizes near what I would normally wear and found one that fit properly.

  • Never! The bad thing is, Im not shy, but I am happy with the size I am in.. Fits just fine, shapes well, (perfect in fact!) However, now that you say this, I am tempted to go get measured to see how *off* I am about my size!

    • Haha! Crystal you totally should… even if it’s just for entertainment purposes 🙂 I’ve seen people mention “vanity” sizing though… do you really thing they would make the larger sizes actually smaller cup sizes so people can say they are a larger size? That seems totally crazy to me!

      I love that you actually have a perfectly fitting bra! You are a rock star!!!

      • It’s worse for me since I have had a double mastectomy and re-construction so I am not a “standard” woman so try finding a bra for that! I HATE shopping for bras! So when I do find one that fits well I wear that one til it literally falls apart :/

        • Ah, Kate! That is a bit trickier. I hear you on wearing it till it falls apart. I’d probably buy 5 in each color! Where do you tend to buy bras that fit best?

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