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This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Kayak.  The opinions and text are all mine.


When we were in Pennsylvania last month, Pete was telling the girls and I about the weekends when his grandparents would take him up to Atlantic City. He said he loved how “alive” the area was, even in the middle of the night! I had been to New Jersey years ago, but never made it to Atlantic City, and after hearing Pete talk about it, I decided we needed to go!


When we got back to the hotel that night, I started to do some research about Atlantic City. I saw that KAYAK included Atlantic City in their 2016 Summer Travel Hacker Guide that is now live on their site! It is featured as one of spots in the “Summer Fridays” list that provides easy long-weekend travel inspiration. These 10 cities are among the most popular weekend destinations for travels based on KAYAK’s user data. KAYAK data scientists and travel experts looked within the site’s one billion annual searches to uncover insights and practical advice to help consumers navigate the busy summer travel season.

Whoa! That is a lot of data that they used!

KAYAK Summer Travel Hacker Guide Atlantic City

In addition to providing information including median airfare by month, and when to book for each destination, this year’s Guide also includes tips on what to expect once you get there. This includes average temperature and rainfall. I know that most travelers love being able to see airfare stats to get the best price, but I also use it to see when the slowest time to visit is. We like to visit during the slow seasons this helps us identify those times too.


Another awesome feature that KAYAK has is their Trips Tool.

Think of this like your own personal travel planner and organizer. You can forward all receipts to, save results from a search, or enter a trip or event by hand in later, so that  you will have everything for your trip right at your finger tips. I loved that I could share it with Pete so that he could keep up with my planning, and since he has been there before, he can make suggestions and add to our itinerary. 

KAYAK Atlantic CityNot shown on this screenshot of the itinerary that I made, was the time we are putting aside to enjoy and explore the boardwalk. I’ve been hearing about it for years and there is no way I’m missing it. I also will want to carve out some time for a massage and as much yummy Italian food as possible!

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Where are you vacationing this summer?

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of KAYAK. The opinions and text are all mine.

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  • I just used Kayak for the first time a couple of weeks ago, and it was AWESOME! I’ve never had an easier experience planning a trip.

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  • Thank-you! Any tool for cheaper airfare is more than welcome! I will use this when I book my Los Angeles trip!

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  • I use Kayak all the time; it’s an extremely helpful site. I don’t have any vacation plans this summer. I might head to NYC, otherwise I’m saving my vacation plans for the fall.

  • I am a total planner by nature, so being able to easily schedule my itinerary is a dream come true. I can not wait to check this out!

  • We are going to California and Michigan this summer! I can’t wait to go! I will have to check out Kayak for rates!

  • Super interesting that the cheapest time to book travel is 10 weeks out. It makes sense though, it is a happy medium between overplanning and possibly risk not being able to go and not planning and being at the mercy of the airlines to get a ticket. Kayak is a great service to help plan trips. It is definitely one of my trusted websites.

  • This is what I like about travel planners, it’s very detailed and it has all the info that you need especially the schedules. I love that it can easily plan an itinerary for you as well, so awesome!

  • We are home for the summer this summer. Baby due and too much going on to head out but oh boy I’d love to travel and stay some where fun!

  • I never heard of Kayak but I will check it. Thanks for informing. I would love to see different places.

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  • I need to check this out. I have several flights I need to book for the remainder of the year and I would love to save as much as I can on them.

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  • I had no idea that Kayak had something like this. How helpful!

  • My husband travels a lot for his business & I never know there is something like KAYAK which will help you plan better & stay organized with your trips. Would surely suggest him to check it out during his next trip.

  • Atlantic City! How fun! I hadn’t heard of Kayak prior to reading this post! An app that helps you plan your trip sounds pretty good to me! We don’t have any plans for traveling this year! Maybe next year.

  • So basically be spontaneous with your trips (2 weeks out anyways) haha! This is a great a guide to have when planning a trip for sure! I love this!

  • I am not sure where i am going to go this summer yet. I will have to check out Kayak.

  • That is one super awesome picture up there of the river and bridge! I’ve been hearing Kayak recently and while I haven’t explored much of their services yet, the different organizing tools it gives us makes travelling much more easy.

  • My sister and her family uses Kayak and I hope to in the future. I’m not good at planning things so I’m hoping they will help plan my vacation this year.

  • It looks like you had a wonderful trip. I do believe Kayak would be a great way to for planning all your trips and love the benefit of going through them too. Thanks for sharing the information.

  • Boy, I will sure be checking out Kayak when I go to plan my next trip. Thanks for sharing the great features and ease of use. LOVE those pictures…makes me want to leave today! 🙂

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  • We travel a lot and I cannot believe I have never heard of Kayak! This site looks awesome and I’ll be checking it out ASAP!

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