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Las Vegas Vacation Family Dining: Buca Di Bepo Review

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No visit to Las Vegas is complete without a meal at Buca Di Bepo inside Excalibur Hotel and Casino. It’s a great place for the whole family to relax and get some great Italian food. Thank you so much to Buca for providing us this experience.


This is some tasty bread! Does anyone else love balsamic vinegar with some olive oil to dip your bread in? I know it’s supposed to be the other way around, but we love the balsamic vinegar more!

I’ve written about Buca before because they are one of my favorite restaurants. I love that I can go to different Buca’s and the food is consistent at them all. I know that my favorite Spicy Chicken Rigatoni {minus  the chicken of course} will be fantastic no matter which location we eat at! The Buca in Excaliber does have one thing special that the others don’t… it’s on the Las Vegas Strip!


Buca hasn’t changed much since we were last there! The service was great and the food fantastic. Just how we like it. The restaurant is a great choice for those traveling with kids as they offer all of the kid favorites like macaroni and cheese and fettuccine alfredo! It’s also not super quite so kids can talk and act kid-like. Our kids don’t run around like crazy, but they do like to laugh and have a good time!


These two have grown a bit in the past year. Here is our review from last year.


Now for the food! We all have our favorites. The little one loves their mac n cheese!


This would be mine… spicy chicken rigatoni, extra spicy no chicken. I love that they are so good about dealing with special diets. They were more than happy to indulge my “no meat and extra heat request”!


Penne with their homemade marinara sauce. Need I say more?


Pete’s favorite is the chicken parmigiana! It is huge!


My middle daughter thinks this is the best fettucini alfredo! I tend to agree. I love that I can taste all the ingredients. The butter and rich cream are delightful. The noodles are delicate and soak up the sauce! So good!


And then there was the traditional spaghetti. We always have to order some. It’s like going to the movies and not getting popcorn. You just can’t not have some!


This was new to us. The mozzarella garlic bread! Doesn’t this sound amazing? It was out of this world yummy! After eating this we didn’t need to ever worry about vampires if you know what I mean. It was loaded with cheese, and I thoroughly enjoyed dipping it into marinara sauce.


We finished our evening with this baby! The biggest sundae I’ve ever seen! Layers of ice cream and fudge were just the beginning! It’s totally big enough for all of us to share and feel stuffed when we were done! This is a big hit in our family and something we look forward to enjoying each time we come!


This little one passed out after eating. She tends to do that after meals in Vegas.

Tips: Although not mandatory, Buca gets busy so if you can call ahead and make reservations. The meals are all family sized so consider picking 2-3 and sharing them. If you are a meatball person you have to order them. They are huge and I’ve been told some of the best around! They also have a full bar in the front that produces some pretty tasty and cool looking drinks. If you are having a meal sans children the bar is the place to be! There are always leftovers when we eat here so if your hotel room has a refrigerator, make room ahead of time! The Italian sodas are always a hit with the little ones so consider ordering one!

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