KORG Digital Pianos, Beautifully Functional

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For years the girls have been asking us to buy them a piano.

Last week we all talked about how fun it would be to have one for them to learn on and hold performances for friends and family. It’s something that we are very much considering and we’ve decided that when we are ready it’s going to be a KORG digital piano because we want something that they can use today and grow into. Plus, Digital Pianos are low maintenance and they don’t have to be tuned or otherwise maintained. This is a huge deal for us. We are always on the go and the last thing I want to think about is remembering to have the maintenance done all the time.

Another consideration for us in choosing a digital piano is that they are less expensive than traditional upright pianos.

Digital pianos go beyond traditional uprights because they are not just limited to basic piano sounds.

They also contain a variety of different types of piano sounds, and some other instrument sounds too. They have a really cool built in metronome, which can be appealing to kids and aspiring songwriters.

We are also in the process of completely updating our home so aesthetics are super important to me.

I immediately noticed how well KORG Digital Pianos would blend in nicely with our home decor and that some models look more furniture like when the key cover is closed.

I’ve been having a really good time researching and planning our KORG Digital Piano purchase and I discovers some other really cool things.

KORG digital pianos are offered in a variety of modern colors (mainly black or white, but sometimes red as well). Red would be a really fun color to have as an accent to a red and white retro family room!

Many have dual headphone inputs for student/teacher practice or private practice, which means that the girls can use it while I’m sitting next to them watching TV! There are also built-­in demo songs that can auto play for home entertaining when we have guest over! And there are a variety of design styles with ­­­some sit on the table top table, while others have cabinetry built around them. I love the they are multi functional and that you can purchase the perfect one for your home and needs!


Learn more about KORG Digital Pianos on their website and to find a KORG dealer near you visit their dealer locator.

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