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We were so lucky to be able to see a lot of our family that doesn’t live close by over the past year. It filled all of our hearts with love to spend time with them, but with each visit, we grew a bit sad when it was time to leave. This year we are dedicated to keeping in touch better, even when we can’t see those we love as often as we like! Thank you to Bond for sponsoring this story.


I totally know that the best way to stay in touch is to get together as often as possible, but what if that just isn’t in the cards right now? What if you live on separate sides of the country but you want your loved ones to be a part of your life? You get creative. That’s what you do!

We were already hopping on the phone and even video chatting, but that takes time and the ability to have a good amount of time to do it, and with our schedules and most everyone else’s, we didn’t feel that was enough. Then one day Emmy drew her Great Aunt and Uncle a beautiful picture with a handwritten note and I thought “this is it” this is how we will stay a better part of each other’s lives. 

And then I never sent the letter.


This is where all sorts of thoughts pop in your head about slowing down and taking care of the important things in your life better… but time, I’m telling you, time is at a premium.  As much as I want to tell you that I changed my ways, I didn’t. I just got busier and Emmy’ pictures just piled up more until I learned about Bond’s stationery customization.

Bond lets you send beautiful, handwritten notes on customizable stationery from your phone or computer. Using Bond’s customization feature, you’re able to snap a photograph of your child’s masterpiece and easily add it as a full bleed image to your card. Then, all you have to do is type out your note to have it handwritten on this custom stationery before being sent to your loved ones! You even get to pick the handwriting script!


This was Emmy’s first masterpiece that she drew for me to use on Bond. She drew it, I took a picture and uploaded it to the app, wrote out the letter and with just a couple more clicks I was done.  

A few days later we had these letters in our hands. We had them sent to us so that I could really see the quality and I was so impressed! They look like she drew them directly on the letters!


Bond makes it easier than ever to celebrate your child’s artwork and share it with your loved ones. They are focusing on applauding the artwork made by our kids by sharing physical recreations with our friends and family; I am so excited that there is going to be artwork back on the fridge in our home and the fridges of our family and friends! 

As we were creating our first batch of letters, Emmy and I decided that this is even better than a postcard mailed from our family travels. I can’t think of a better way to let someone know you are thinking of them when you are off on vacation than sending out a custom letter with a picture made just for them by the little one in your life. I especially love that I can order if from my phone and I don’t have to go buy a postcard or stamps!

This picture is of Emmy relaxing on the beach in Cancun with a fruit punch next to her!



Are you looking for a great way to share your child’s artwork and stay in touch with loved ones too?

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