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My whole life as a mom can be wrapped up into this video.

Before my oldest daughter was born I had visions of what her life would look like. She would always have perfect matching outfits on and she would love to ride horses and ballet dance. 

Pretty quickly after she was born I realized that my only dream for her was happiness in whatever she chose to do. 

Since those first moments I have dedicated my life to encouraging her to reach for her goals. To never give up and to follow her heart. She was born at 34 weeks and has always been a survivor. Things haven’t always come easy to her… but she is the hardest worker I’ve ever known and once she decides to do something… she gets it done!

With all my girls, I remind them daily that they need to keep good going and to recognize what their innate strong skills are and develop them. My oldest is a born leader and excels in reading and writing. I’ve encouraged her to focus on a career that utilizes what she is good at and what she loves to do!

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I’d love to hear how you keep good going and how My All-Star Daughter video relates to your life.

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  • I always tell my kids that they can do whatever they want to do and whatever makes them happy 🙂

  • I am very conscious as a parent not to put boundaries on my son’s creativity. It is like Susan Sarandon said, her mom never said you have to draw in between the lines. I love that always!

  • I would love for my son to be able to do whatever he is good at and likes to do. (He’s only 2.5-years-old, so a little young to be discussing careers.) He’s huge into counting (and good at it!) So maybe he’ll be the accountant in the family?

  • Your daughters are so beautiful! I have three boys right now… Hopefully, a little girl soon! One thing we try to do is challenge them to try to do everything! You never know what you might love or be really great at!

  • My daughter is still little but I know what you mean about them making their own decisions. I am the oldest of 4 girls and my parents always taught us to have integrity and work hard for what we wanted.

  • What a great message to share with your adorable daughters. I truly believe that just having faith and showing you have faith in your children determines how confident they will feel in their own abilities.

  • I try to make a practice of telling my kids more than just “Goodnight” at bed time. I like to thing that ending their days with praise will help them become more confident people!

  • I think it’s fun to watch them develop their interests and to sit back and see where it all goes. I never would have predicted my daughter would do what she’s doing, but in some ways I guess she’s using her degree.

  • What beautiful girls! My son is 11 now and I can not believe it. I just want to have him grow up to be happy, healthy and successful at whatever he decides to do!

  • This life is truly a lovely life. But there’s no doubt that it can be full of miseries and mistakes. Whatever happens, it’s important to remember that life is what you make it. Though life is unfair, dare to live. 🙂

  • I love that you stand behind what they want, not what you think they want or need. That’s a big thing, and I know they’ll appreciate it someday too!

  • I let my daughter’s chose their own paths. One wants to sign up for every sport possible, the other is more of a hermit and wants to read all day. If that’s their choices, I fully support them.

  • We need all the Keep Good Going we can get these days. It seems that the not-so-good is over powering the good. As parents, we are the number one influence on our children. New York Life has a good program going and is really worth a look.

  • I try to be supportive and encouraging. I also try to set a good example.

  • I’m a huge supporter of follow your dreams. Heck, I have a whole site dedicated to it. My kids will get nothing but support as they find their passions and create the life of their dreams. Life really is too short to not do what you love.

  • With my grandchildren, I will empower them. I want them to grow up knowing that they are the Creators of their own lives.

  • What a fierce daughter! She gives a whole new meaning to “You throw like a girl.” I’d be proud to throw like her! 🙂

  • I always thought that all my kids would play baseball & basketball, and I’d help coach because that’s what I loved when I was a kid – fat chance! lol. My son is into soccer, my daughter cheer, and my other daughter hates all things sports related =/
    But it’s OK to let them be them! Maybe I’ll get lucky with grandkids one day

  • It is always important to realize that we must take care to provide for our children’s financial well being as we care for all the other areas of their life.

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