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We have been searching for years for a good cell service for our kids.

We wanted them to have real, smart phones because we felt it was important for them to know, use and feel comfortable using them. They are the way of the future and we wanted them to be comfortable with them.

We also the phones to have full function, bit also a way to set parental controls.

We were at a stand still till I discovered Kajeet! Kajeet was formed by parents like us that had the same needs and they had everything we needed to keep our kids safe and happy!

cel phone for kids

Kajeet is the answer to all the cell phone needs of our daughters.

The phones that they offer are real smartphones. Not kiddies ones and they work on the Sprint network so if you have an inactive Sprint phone you can actually activate it with Kajeet. Plans start at just $4.99 a month which is very affordable! They are also running a special through June 17th where you can get a 25% off discount on all phones except the (Samsung Galaxy 4s) with promo code “25OFF”.

I was really excited to try out the service for my middle daughter the 11-year-old.

We were able to test it out both with her taking it to school and to a friends house. Both times I was so thankful she had her cell phone with her. I was running late to pick her up one day from school and I was able to call her ahead of time and let her know that her Dad was going to pick her up in a different spot and the other time she was at a friends house and she forgot her inhaler so she texted me and asked me to bring it to her. 

After I received the new phone in the mail I called in to activate it.

That took about 5 minutes and I used that time to ask any questions I had. I learned that there are lots of ways I can keep my daughter safe with and while using her phone. My favorite way was that I could control who does and doesn’t call her and to block certain websites. There are also ways that you can set up the phone to not allow internet access during certain hours. I can see how the latter could be used in a lot of ways to motivate getting homework done etc.

kajeet cellphones

Another  thing I was really happy to see is that with Kajeet, you are not locked into a contract and that the monthly fee is very reasonable!

The service is also totally geared to how kids use phones, specifically with more texting and less talking. Pretty smart to me! There are also none of those annoying fees like activation or termination and they have a live chat that is always there to help!

This is absolutely my favorite feature that made me love Kajeet even more. All Kajeet phones are enabled with GPS location technology! It gives me huge comfort to know that I can locate my kids at anytime. That is priceless!


The parental controls were really easy to set up once your phone is activated.

You just have to log into your account and all the options are right there for you. It was quick and we were up and going in no time. Kajeet makes kids happy with truly smart phones and parents happy with both the GPS locating and the superior parental controls.

safe cell phones for kids kajeet

What is your favorite Kajeet feature?

Heather Reese
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  • Because I am a little confused, if you have an old sprint phone is kajeet also an app that you can download to that phone? This does sound like a great product for parents, and would definitely help teachers have fewer phones in use during school hours!

  • We finally gave a phone to our 11yr old daughter so she could contact us after practices. Talk about nail-biting, but I guess it is a necessity now!

  • My son has a smart phone and i feel he is pretty responsible with it.. I used to tell him we had an app on his phone and we can see everything.. lol This is a really good app for us parents.

  • I love the fact that the parent can control so many features of the phone. The phone gives the kids freedom while allowing the parent peace of mind with respect to Internet usage.

  • so sad this wasn’t around 5 years ago we had to deal with a bunch of problems and out kids getting phones and smart phones now at 14 and 17 we still keep and eye on their phones tho

  • This product is so good. It will give parents peace of mind. It’s taking care of your kids in a whole digital level.

  • I don’t think kids need a phone at all for any reason. Our parents and grand parents survived just fine without them. That said the phone does look like a good option for those looking for a phone for their kids.

  • This is great. My kids are still too young for cell phones but I’m definitely going to mention it to friends who have older kids.

  • Did you say build in GPS? LOL My son is only 6 but he has been asking for a phone. I’m not ready to give him one though but when I’m ready the Kajeet might be the phone we get if they are available here!

  • Kajeet sounds like an amazing phone for teens. I gave my son one of my old cell phones but it didn’t have any service or so I thought until I got the bill. My six year old had been using the wifi in our house to buy games. Needless to say my son no longer even has a disconnected cell phone.

  • I have to check out Kajeet as it sounds like a perfect product for every parent who’s kid has a phone. Really like the possibility to locate your kids.

  • Kajeet sounds and interesting phone, this way you can locate where your kids at. I would love to buy one of this for my son.

  • I love the GPS locator on the phone. That would be the highest worry for me I believe. Thanks for sharing.

  • What a smart idea! Kids are so technologically advanced these days, this is a great option. Thanks for sharing.

  • I love the parental controls. My daughter got an iPhone for a gift (and the bill paid each month) from a family member. I’d have rather her had something like this for sure.

  • Looks like there are some great features. Good to be able to do parental controls from the computer too.

  • I think this parental control can only do so much. Kids have to be taught about what not to do so they can better understand why discipline is so important.

  • so cool! my oldest is 6yrs old but I know at some point that would happen and I want to be prepared. Is hard to trust social media and technology when it comes to kids and their safety, but they can be useful too!
    Dee T

  • GREAT! Good. My oldest is only 2….but I was hoping that they would have these settings by the time we would need to get him a phone….

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