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Josh and Jess Boyce – Blogger Success Profile

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Today we are sharing the exciting success story of Josh and Jess Boyce of Mindful Money Habits!

Josh and Jess started their blog once they realized they had a lot of great information to share with readers on how to pay off debt. Neither of them really wanted a typical 9-5 type of job, so blogging seemed like a great fit!

They got started in March of 2018 and, after taking the 5-Day Email Crash Course, quickly realized their goal of monetizing their blog was even more feasible than they could have imagined! While the money-making options were swirling around in their heads, they decided to first focus on quality content. At the same time, they began participating in the 10K Challenges which helped build traffic and connect with other bloggers.

In July 2018, they decided they were ready to GO FOR IT and joined the Blogging Blastoff Course. They are both extremely pleased with the amount of information they were able to take from the course.

Perhaps most notable, the course has taught them the importance of putting themselves out there, and not being afraid to ask brands to collaborate. After learning about putting themselves out there, they posted something on Instagram and tagged the company they were posting about. That company wrote a story about Josh and Jess which ended up getting a ton of traction from many other companies. They even ended up on the homepage of MSN and USA Today!

Because of this awesome press, their site traffic went from 40 visitors/ day to almost 5,000!

Josh and Jess learned that putting themselves out there can give their site more credibility and traffic, while also giving them a major boost in confidence! They will continue to do so because they know the sky's the limit!

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