Join The How Fresh Stays Fresh Twitter Party! {Awesome Prizes}

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Remember the recipe I made for How Fresh Stays Fresh?

My go-to busy night meal. Pasta with Broccoli? We have had it almost every week since then and it's still the little ones favorite thing to eat! Because I love how fresh frozen food is, I'm going to be participating in a Twitter Party for #Howfreshstaysfresh and I'd love for you to join me too!

Here are the details:

Date: July 29th, 2014, This Tuesday! 

Time: 7:00-8:00pm EST

Host/Co-Host: @StacieinAtlanta & @QueenofSwag4u

Hashtag: #Howfreshstaysfresh

Prizes: One of 4 Giftcards – (2) $100 GC’s, (1) $300 GC, (1) $500 GC

Things to Remember:

You must attend the party to win. The winners will be announced throughout the party, which is what makes Twitter Parties so much fun! There is no waiting to know if you won a super awesome prize! Plus, Twitter Parties are always some really fast paced fun! After you RSVP {link below} you just have to follow along and interact with the hashtag to be a part of the party!

If you are new to Twitter Parties or need some hints…

here is an awesome Twitter Party info sheet

To Rsvp for this party hop on over here.

See you at the party!

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  1. I actually ended up buying a chest freezer for my basement so that we could keep even more on hand.

  2. I also buy the frozen vegetables especially when they are on sale. I am picky with the brand though. Our dinner is not complete without any vegetables.

  3. During the summer months I go to my local farmers market to buy fresh but I always keep frozen veggies of all kind on hand. I grew up with having extra vegetables each dinner, thats what I do for my kiddos.

  4. I incorporate both frozen and fresh into my meals. I like the convenience of frozen broccoli since we eat a LOT of it and frozen fruit is perfect for smoothies.

  5. I buy fresh veggies via Bountiful Baskets Co-Op and buy frozen veggies.

    Looks like an awesome twitter party. Have fun!

  6. We always have frozen vegetables on hand because I use them a lot with slow cooker meals. This sounds like it’s going to be a great Twitter party with fantastic prizes! I’m going to try to make it!

  7. I read somewhere that fresh frozen are sometimes better for they are picked at the right time and freezing them means nutrients are locked. so I keep a handy frozen veggies but most often especially herbs, I buy them fresh

  8. I love frozen veggies, I always keep a bunch of them in my freezer, so we can have great tasting veggies any time.

  9. I have tons of frozen veggies. I think there are tons of people that don’t realize that freezing them stops the nutrients from depleting like they do with veggies in the produce section. When they are frozen it is at the peak of freshness.

  10. I love Twitter parties, I hope I remember this one. This reminds me that there’s a frozen package of stir fry vegetables that my brother suggested that I buy.

  11. We love frozen foods. They are such a time saver when I am short on time or I want to keep things longer like fruits and veggies, meats, and many other items.

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