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I’ve brought three babies home from the hospital, two that share mine and Pete’s DNA and one that doesn’t.

Yet they were all “mine”. Adopted or stuck with my DNA, my girls are all my daughters and I cherished each of their newborn days. When I look at the picture above I am happy and a bit sad because I loved those days. This is of the little one after her first bath, smelling all babyish and cuddled up next to me. Five years later she is still the biggest cuddle bug out there!


Bonding with your new baby is important no matter how your baby joined your family, but especially with an adopted child.

Thankfully we bonded immediately. She was mine from the moment I saw her… or as I say now, she had my heart wrapped around her little baby fingers. She is so full of life and love, and has been since the second she was born! But the little Mommy and baby moments like bath time definitely strengthened our bond.


In addition to bath time being a great time to bond when they are younger, it’s especially important as they get older, since it’s a distraction-free zone to spend time together.



My little one still loves bath time and considers it one of her favorite times of the day!

I love bath time because I know that playing with bubbles helps babies develop hand-eye coordination and discover objects exist even when they can’t be seen. The bubbles also stimulate baby senses through touch and smell, which are both closely tied to memory development, along with it providing a great time for parent and baby to bond. 

My older girls talk about how much they loved bath time when they were little and they love to look back at old pictures of them playing in the bath together.

happy baby

Bath time is a multi-sensorial playground and provides the perfect opportunity for parents to evoke their baby’s senses in a variety of ways. Bath time moments serve as special rituals that help parents develop relationships with their babies through touch, smell, and more! JOHNSON’S® is committed to showcasing the ways that these everyday interactions are the perfect opportunity to stimulate baby’s senses and lead to happy, healthy development.

JOHNSON’S® Global Baby Bath Report shows how bath time can be #SoMuchMore!


More reasons that bath time is such a special time can be found at So Much More™ with Johnson’s! 

What are your favorite bath time memories with your kids?

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