Jimmy Dean’s New DELIGHTS! Under 300 calories!

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 Thank you so much to Jimmy Dean for the early preview of their new items and for sponsoring this post. 

jimmy dean lunch

Jimmy Dean just released a new line of products that go way beyond the breakfast items they are known for. They are homestyle meals in bowls or sandwiches that are 300 calories or less! Pretty cool right? 

Pete is a big calorie counter and exerciser and these are perfect for those that know the importance of making sure you get enough and not too many calories in a day!

We invited some family members over to try them.

Can I just mention that an invite over to our house always means something cool to eat or try? Knowing this our guests came hungry and I just loved that they were hungry because I wanted to put these to the test!

Would they be good and filling while still staying under 300 calories?

Jimmy Dean

Can you believe that this bowl only has 210 calories and 13 grams of protein? We are talking turkey and potatoes too!

jimmydean delights

The smoked ham sandwich on a pretzel roll was the favorite of the night.

They were all really tasty, but there was something about this one that everyone loved and wanted more of since they only got a bite or two. For the 290 calories, you get 2 decent sized sandwiches. 

Jimmy Dean pulled pork

I'm just going to say it. The BBQ sauce and honey wheat bun. Everyone went crazy for this one too!

jimmy dean ham and cheese

It was really easy to make this one too and it was ready within minutes. Totally filling and really great flavor! 

Want to learn about all of the DELIGHT dishes from Jimmy Dean? Hop on over to their website to see them all!

What is your favorite Jimmy Dean dish?

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  1. I haven’t tried a pretzel bun yet and am eager to taste them. Kudos to Jimmy Dean for stepping up with tasty and low calorie food.

  2. Wow, under 300 calories? That’s impressive! I can’t wait to try these and will keep an eye out next time I’m grocery shopping!

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